Tuesday, 11 March 2008

ZVONKO I GRADSKI URED ZA KULTURU - (2004) - Rapa a sastama

Zvonko i gradski ured za kulturu (meaning Zvonko And City Office For Culture) were a cabaret punk band from Zagreb fronted by indestructible Mario Kovač (artist, actor, movie and theater director, and much more). This band doesn't exist any more, I guess it was just another project for Mario. The name of the band is a joke poking fun at Zagreb's bureaucratic organization of all things connected with culture. City Office For Culture is an office in Zagreb's city government which hands out money and rents city owned spaces to art & cultural projects and is filled with stuck-up bureaucrats who don't care or understand anything about culture. So, to make it short, the people in that Office are a whole bunch of morons sitting in high payed positions doing nothing. I've managed to dig up Zvonko's web page that looks like it wasn't updated for a long time, but it's better than nothing and you can check it out here.

ZVONKO I GRADSKI URED ZA KULTURU - (2004) - Rapa a sastama

Year: 2004
Label: Zvuk Močvare
Size: 110 MB

01. Nagasaki
02. Dekonstrukcija pop-pjesme
03. Gledam televiziju
04. Gubiš svo to vrijeme...
05. Let's Go Away For A While
06. Zvonko u epizodi
07. Barbara
08. Rupa (u sistemu)
09. U očekivanju Godota
10. My Old Lady
11. Sister Ray

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