Tuesday, 11 March 2008

RAMBO AMADEUS - (1998) - Zbrana dela 2

Under this excellent pseudonym hides an artist from Crna Gora (Montenegro) whose real name is Antonije Pušić. He started doing music back in the late 1980's. His style is hard to describe cos he mixes all kinds of influences like rap, folk, metal, electronic, you name it and he's used it somewhere in his songs. This is a compilation of his works and I think it's a very good representation of his music since some of his albums tend to get boring when you listen to them as a whole. This is not punk, but I think it could be interesting to someone who wants to learn about Ex-Yugoslavian music scene since he is very well known in all Ex-YU countries and is considered to be a music ''legend''. You can check out his Official Rambo Amadeus site, and there's also an article on Wikipedia about him.

RAMBO AMADEUS - (1998) - Zbrana dela 2

Year: 1998
Label: Vinil Manija Records
Size: 99 MB

01. Vrag ne spava
02. Zdravo damo
03. KPGS
04. Loza konjak
05. Ja
06. Vanzemaljac
07. Čovek sam, ženo
08. Gongo
09. Oximoron
10. Manijak
11. Nazif
12. Amerika i Engleska
13. Glupi hit
14. Jemo voli jem
15. Sex Jingles
16. Samit u burekđinici Laibach
17. Tehnika državnog udara
18. Didu lidu...


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