Sunday, 23 March 2008

ARGIES - (2003) - Fake Reaction

Argies are a punk rock band from city of Rosario in Argentina and they have that sound that many Latin American bands have, reminiscent of The Clash with something uniquely theirs thrown in. They were formed in mid 1990's (at least I think so cos their first album was released in 1996). If I remember correctly I first heard this band from Vedran M. (Humanita Nova) almost ten years ago. I bought this CD ("Fake Reaction" is by the way Argies' sixth album) in 2006 at Argies gig in KSET club in Zagreb and I have to admit that they sound much better live than on their CDs. Still, they're a pretty good punk rock band and I like their attitude & music.Info stuff: Official site (biography, discography, pics, some mp3's), MySpace.

ARGIES - (2003) - Fake Reaction

Year: 2003
Label: Lou & Rocked Boys/Combative Records
Size: 72.8 MB / 320 kbps

01. Efecto Reaccion
02. Vox Populi
03. Una Idea
04. Nicaragua Sandinista!
05. America Canibal
06. El Error
07. Otra Prision
08. Surfin' USA
09. Como Desperto Usted Hoy?
10. En Lunes
11. La Esencia Por Perder
12. Quiero Tener Tu Presencia


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