Tuesday, 11 March 2008

PARTIBREJKERS - (1999) - Najbolje od najgoreg

This is more punk than my previous couple of posts, more precisely, I would describe this band to be a punk 'n' roll band. They started playing back in 1982 and released their first album (self-titled) in 1985. They are still playing around and preparing to release their new album. This is a compilation of their stuff from their first four albums with the last two songs being new, never before released ones. I've found out on the net that this compilation was originally released back in 1996 (I guess I've ripped this CD from a 1999 reissue or got confused somewhere along the way). The cover is not an original one, I've just used a photo I found on the net cos the original one was, well, too ugly and didn't do them justice. Partibrejkers are an excellent band and I would recommend them to anyone who likes The Stooges, Cramps, and similar r'n'r/garage/punk sound. You can find more info about Partibrejkers on their Official site like lyrics, biography, discography, etc. (although it's mostly in Serbian), then there's their MySpace page and an article on Wikipedia that you can check out.

PARTIBREJKERS - (1999) - Najbolje od najgoreg

Year: 1999 (1996 originally)
Label: MusicLand
SIze: 155 MB

01. Ako si
02. Hej ti dole
03. Ti moraš biti moja
04. 1,000 godina
05. Stoj Džoni
06. Ulični hodač
07. Večeras
08. Prsten
09. Put
10. Mesečeva kći
11. Kreni prema meni
12. Ona sve zna
13. Ono što pokušavam
14. Hipnotisana gomila
15. Hoću da znam
16. Javi se
17. Molitva
18. Ljudi nisu isti
19. Ludo i brzo
20. Rođen loš

MediaFire Part 1 & Part 2


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