Friday, 21 March 2008

DEBELI PRECJEDNIK - (2003) - Fist From East

Debeli Precjednik (or Fat Prezident as they're called in English) are a melodic punk/hc band with a sound reminiscent to bands like Millencolin. They come from the city of Osijek which is in eastern part of Croatia. They've been around for some time, cos they started playing back in the 1993. "Fist From East" is their second album. Debeli Precjednik are still active and you can get their third and latest album called "Through The Eyes Of The Innocent" from Moonlee Records.
Info stuff: MySpace, Moonlee Records (also has more extensive band bio and some pics).

DEBELI PRECJEDNIK - (2003) - Fist From East

Year: 2003
Label: Double Penetration Records
Size: 79.1 MB / 320 kbps

01. Drowning
02. 69
03. My Own Thing
04. So Bitter
05. Ordinary Punk Story
06. Hits And Misses
07. Justify Lying
08. Ready To Fight
09. Smiling Right At Our Faces
10. Last Time I Cried
11. Death Or Glory
12. Underneath Your Window
13. Far Away From Home
14. Farmersko srce (bonus track)
15. Bonus Track
16. Bonus Track


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