Sunday, 16 March 2008

JUGGLING JUGULARS - (2000) - Propaganda Immunity

Juggling Jugulars are a band from Finland that started playing around the beginning of the 1990's. They play a quite intense anarcho-hardcore with angry female vocals (and some male ones in the background). They are still active and they are touring around the Europe (but not in my part of this continent) and if they are so energetic live as they sound on this CD you should go and check them out. I don't know much about them except for what I've written above so check the "Info stuff" links to find out more.
Info stuff: MySpace, Hiljaiset Levyt (discography, biography, pics, lyrics, etc.), (discography, biography, pics, mp3's, etc.).

JUGGLING JUGULARS - (2000) - Propaganda Immunity

Year: 2000
Label: Twisted Chords/Trujaca Fala
Size: 46.8 MB / 320 kbps

01. Like Father Like Son
02. Leave Me Alone
03. Zero Tolerance
04. Still That Fucking Idealist
05. Lock Us All Up
06. Conspiracy
07. Opposites
08. Thanks For Nothing
09. Propaganda Immunity
10. Turn The Other Cheek
11. Smugglers
12. Zero Patience
13. Arrogant Bastard
14. User
15. Automn



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Just have a look on this blog. Good one.
For information, the split between Juggling jugulars/behind the smile is still available at

Cheers, Eric