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BROKEN BONES - (1993) - Death Is Imminent-The Collection

Broken Bones need no introduction, but all the same, I'll do it anyway. First, big thanx to Dean D. (AKA Ćiro) who got me hooked on Broken Bones (and Chaotic Dischord, but I'll talk about them in some other post). Ćiro played me their "F.O.A.D." song from some screwed up tape copy while we were a bit drunk and hanging out at his place and then we ate his grandmothers rosary made out of pastry (it tasted like plaster). Don't know which one (booze or rosary) did it for me, but I started liking the Broken Bones a lot. They were formed back in 1983 by a guy called Bones (real name Tony Roberts) who at that time quit playing the guitar in Discharge. With his brother (also ex-Discharge) and some other people he formed Broken Bones and the rest is history. Thanx to Malisha of Röckin' Nöiz for the scans.
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BROKEN BONES - (1993) - Death Is Imminent-The Collection

Year: 1993
Label: Cleopatra Records
Size: 106 MB / 320 kbps

01. Decapitated
02. Problem
03. Liquid Brain
04. Death Is Imminent
05. Crucifix
06. I.O.U.
07. Fight The Good Fight
08. Wealth Rules
09. Who’s To Blame
10. Iron Maiden
11. Their Living Is My Death
12. Big Hard Man
13. Terrorist Attack
14. Civil War
15. Annihilation No. 3
6. Seeing Through My Eyes
17. F.O.A.D.
18. Decapitated 1+2 (live)
19. Seeing Through My Eyes (live)
20. Annihilation No. 3

MediaFire Part 1 & Part 2

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