Friday, 21 March 2008

BAD RELIGION - (1982) - How Could Hell Be Any Worse?

Don't know what to say about Bad Religion. I like them a lot, at least this release and couple of others, but then, I don't like the stuff they have been doing for last decade or so cos it's just boring, when I listen to that it looks to me like they've found out a formula and they're sticking to it and are just not being inventive anymore. "How Could Hell..." is in my opinion the best Bad Religion album (with "Against The Grain" and "Suffer" maybe) and it's a quite nice reissue cos you get all these bonus tracks from their EPs. As usual with "big" bands like Bad Religion I feel stupid to just copy the info about them from various sites, so head to "Info stuff" links below for all you've ever wanted to know about this band.Info stuff: Official site, MySpace, Wikipedia.

BAD RELIGION - (1982) - How Could Hell Be Any Worse?
Year: 1982 / 2004Label: SST Records / Epitaph Records ReissueSize: 125 MB / 320 kbps
01. We're Only Gonna Die02. Latch Key Kids03. Part III04. Faith In God05. Fuck Armageddon... This Is Hell06. Pity07. In The Night08. Damned To Be Free09. White Trash (Second Generation)10. American Dream11. Eat Your Dog12. Voice Of God Is Government13. Oligarchy14. Doing Time15. Bad Religion16. Politics17. Sensory Overload18. Slaves19. Drastic Actions20. World War III21. Yesterday22. Frogger23. Bad Religion24. Along The Way25. New Leaf26. Bad Religion27. Slaves28. Drastic ActionsTracks 01.-14. "How Could Hell..." LP 1982.Tracks 15.-20. 1st EP 1981.Tracks 21.-25. "Back To The Known" EP 1984.Tracks 26.-28. "Public Service" comp. 1981.

MediaFire Part 1 & Part 2

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