Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Two 7" compilations

This two 7" compilations come on this blog courtesy of Malisha of Röckin' Nöiz blog. I have to admit that I had a bit of autocensorship trip when I was deciding to place a Gay Pride 7'' cover on my blog or not, but now somehow I figured it out and I feel that putting pictures of sex is less harmful than putting pictures of dead people on my blog. I then started to realize that all this so called Western Civilization is so hung up on dead people. The more dead they are, the more they enjoy them. Those fucking cannibals! And all those punk/hc covers, it's all the same, dead, genocide, pits filled with putrid bodies, it's like all those bands get off on all that death, they are also a bunch of fucking cannibals. Western Europe, take notice or you're gonna burn!!!

Full name of this compilation is "Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart (But The Very Next Day You Took It To Record And Tape Exchange)". It's a nice compilation, maybe I should have it put up at Christmas time, but since all that catholic shit don't move me (I'm an atheist) I think it fits here just right. There is NO god (and if you think about it, GOD spelled backwards is DOG! - thanx to the Spithead band I can give you this revelation)! God sucks, anyway you call it, God, Allah, Buddha, etc. Religion is an organization that controls people with the help of sex guilt and sheep behavior. It's crap, don't go to church, or mosque, or any temple of worship cos they want your soul. Karl Marx was right, religion IS the opium for the people! Have some heroin, it's better than god. Fuck the church, they make people get cancer and commit suicide! Religion is bad for you! You can see that I have a pretty strong feelings about religion and churches, and I'm sorry if I have offended anyone, but it's your fault if you are a dumb fucking asshole of a believer!
Re-uploaded on 2012-12-21.

VA - Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart (But The Very Next Day...) 7'' [1994]

Year: 1994
Label: Damaged Goods Records
Size: 47 MB / 320 kbps / 7z / DL

01. Coockoland - Silver Bells
02. Rugrat - Mistletoe And Wine
03. Phantom Pregnancies - Gee Whizz, It's Xmas
04. Monkhouse - Guiness And Wine
05. Wat Tyler - We Curse You A Wicked Satan
06. Spizzmas - Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

Gay Pride is an excellent compilation, bands are mostly melodic (except Doom) and they get the message across both in serious and in funny way. I personally like Chumbawamba song the best cos it's simple and straightforward. It goes something like: "What's the ugliest part of your body? / Some say your toes / Some say your nose / But I think it's your mind / Your mind / Your mind...". Can't beat that! Gay rights are violently debated in today's Croatia, last Gay Pride march was almost bombed with molotov cocktails, and the previous ones were also held under tight police supervision. Police wasn't there cos it was worried about gays & lesbians but cos it was worried about the primitives trying to disrupt the march. I have some gay & lesbian friends and I don't understand why ordinary people in Croatia hate them, cos I've found out that those gay & lesbian (hello to Anchi!) friends of mine are really cool people. When I get drunk the gay boys are not trying to rape me when I'm unconscious from alcohol intake (although straight people try to rob me when I'm in this state by picking through my pockets and wallet) and lesbian girls are so much fun to talk to than the ordinary girls (who are worried about the marriage and stuff like that). Download and have fun!
Re-uploaded on 2012-12-21.

VA - Gay Pride (You Don't Know What Your Missing) 7'' [1995]

Year: 1995
Label: Rugger Bugger
Size: 36 MB / 320 kbps / 7z / DL

01. SPDFGH - Sweet
02. Pansy Division - Bill And Ted's Homosexual Adventure
03. Chumbawamba - Ugliest Part Of The Body
04. Mambo Taxi - Brett From The Suede (It's Time You Get Laid By A Man)
05. Doom - Claustrophobia
06. Wat Tyler - Wet Wet Wet (The Fucking Bed)


John Spithead said...

Hi there, It was nice to see my lyrics quoted in your article, however - I must confess - I nicked that line off The Last Poets! Keep up the good work - I'll link to you on my blog.

John Spithead

Nečista Savjest said...

Thanx John!
I linked you too, and... thanx again, I know this sounds like some crazy fan talk or that I'm kissing your ass, but I really like your band!

John Spithead said...

Thanks for your kind words, and we're all really pleased when we hear that our music meant something to folk. Thanks also for linking me to your excellent blog. Keep up the good work (even though you bneat me to uploading the Gay Pride 7"!!) John

adicts714 said...

Thanks, I've been searching for this comp for awhile. Keep up the good work!