Sunday, 23 March 2008

LEVELLERS - (2002) - Green Blade Rising

Levellers are well known folk-punk band originally from Brighton, UK. They started playing back in 1988 and are active to this day. "Green Blade Rising" is their 15th album (including "the best of's" & "singles collections" according to their official site) and I have to say that, if you ask me, it's not as good as their early albums. But then, I also have to admit that Levellers were never my favourite band in the first place. I like their politics but their music is missing something, some kick in it, some energy or provocation. Obviously, there's nothing smart or informative that I can say about them so I would like to point you to the links below if you want to know more.
Info stuff: Official site, MySpace, Wikipedia.

LEVELLERS - (2002) - Green Blade Rising

Year: 2002
Label: Eagle Records
Size: 81.9 MB / 320 kbps

01. Four Winds
02. Falling From The Tree
03. Pretty Target
04. Come On
05. Pour
06. Aspects Of Spirit
07. Wild As Angels
08. Believers
09. A Chorus Line
10. Not What We Wanted
11. Wake The World



Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. Indeed, their ealier work is a lot better, although I do like the artwork of this album.

Samsa said...

I think this is their best album. Levelling the Land is my past. This is my present. I like to live in the present and I appreciate the Levellers doing the same. LOVE THIS!!!