Sunday, 28 February 2010

KUD IDIJOTI [1989] Uživo i umrtvo - SKC, BG '89 (live)

Still going with punk and still sticking to the city of Pula. This one is legendary KUD Idijoti (dunno how to translate their name, most simple translation would be Cultural Artistic Society Idiots... I guess). This is a bootleg live recording of their gig played at SKC venue, in Belgrade, Serbia back in 1989. I got this one at a New Year's Party from my ex-neighbour. As was pretty drunk, ripped it only so I got no covers to give you, instead I've put the cover of KUD Idijoti's first 7'' ''Bolje izdati ploču nego prijatelja'' (roughly ''It's better to release a vinyl than to betray a friend'', but that is a really rough translation) as I like that cover very much. KUD Idijoti have too long of a history for me to write it all down, so I recommend you use them links below if you want to know more about them. For me personally they are a great band.
Info: Official page (in Croatian), MySpace, Last FM, Discogs.

Re-uploaded on 2012-12-10.

KUD IDIJOTI [1989] Uživo i umrtvo - SKC, BG '89 (live)

Year: 1989
Label: bootleg
Size: 136 MB / 320 kbps / 7z / DL

01. Darwill
02. Maja
03. Io sono... dittatore
04. Ljudi kao ja
05. Kako da živim bez para
06. Preživjeti
07. Mi smo ovdje samo zbog para
08. Spavaj, spavaj
09. Hoćemo cenzuru
10. Neću da radim za dolare
11. Vesna
12. Za tebe
13. Vajk na bolje
14. Disco Is Not Dead
15. O bella ciao
16. Kad sunce opet zađe
17. Ja sam te ludo volio
18. Hoćemo cenzuru
19. Bandiera Rossa

REANIMACIJA [2005] Streets Of Pula

Let's keep it punk with the 2nd post of this year. The band is Reanimacija (Reanimation in English), they come from town of Pula in Croatia and they have this great punk sound mixed with little Oi!. I am old man now and stay next to the bar at gigs these days, but they are one of those bands who would snap me out of my ''oh-i'm-so-old'' kind of self-pity and make me want to jump & pogo. This is their 1st release, they have second one from 2009 called ''SME'' that you can get from Monteparadiso Netlabel, which is also a great release dedicated to sadly dead Sme or Šela, a guy I've met and still miss dearly as we had great times during Monteparadiso Festival back in the 1990's. Respect to Šela, and cheers to guys from Reanimacija for keeping that punk spirit alive!
BTW, the rip is not mine, I downloaded FLAC from Monteparadiso and converted it to mp3.

Info stuff: Monteparadiso Netlabel (FLAC & Ogg Vorbis + info), MySpace, FB.

REANIMACIJA [2005] Streets Of Pula

Year: 2005

Label: Monteparadiso Netlabel
Size: 56.1 MB / VBR mp3 cca 290 kbps / 7z

01. Nikad dovoljno jak

02. Naplata

03. Crv

04. Želim živjeti

05. Tvoj punk

06. Želio sam sve

07. Streets Of Pula

08. Punk Will Never Die

09. Ratnik

10. Fight For What

11. Borim se

12. I Don't Need


EX-CATHEDRA [2002] 2x4=

Wow, 10 months have passed since my last post. Lots of shit happened in real life, too many to mention it all on here, and I don't see the point anyways, as it's all water under the bridge. I've been checking this blog often, and trying to re-up stuff, and keep it going although I haven't been posting anything new for ages. Also, I want to thank people for leaving comments, I really appreciate it very much folks!
Well, let's hope this post will be one of many more to come. It's a CD I got about a month ago, in Močvara club here in Zagreb at some records sale they held there. Ex-Cathedra were a punk/ska band hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. I love the vocals that sound raspy and worn out, like the guy had eaten some sand paper, and also I love the dirty unpolished sound of this band so I was very happy when I got this CD (thnx to BadDan!). What else to say about it? I'll just write down what it says on the back cover: ''Remastered recordings of the original first two EP's ''Stick Together'' & ''Watch Out'' plus more from them years gathered for the first time on one CD.'' Track list is a little bit confusing, but I think i got it right. I also hope you will enjoy this CD, and there is their 7'' ''Karma Chameleon'' on Röckin' Noize if you want to check out more of Ex-Cathedra's stuff.
Oh yes, I need to give you all a technical warning thing, I started using 7-zip to compress my files, so if apps you use for unpacking don't work you'll need to get 7-zip (it's free, and can unpack .zip & .rar files). Sorry for that inconvenience, it's just that I decided to use as much of free/open source progs as I can.
Info: MySpace, Last FM.

Re-uploaded on 2012-12-10.

EX-CATHEDRA [2002] 2x4=

Year: 2002
Label: Tartan Records
Size: 312 MB / FLAC / 7z / DL

01. Stick Together
02. Directions
03. Something Coming Down
04. Scared
05. Stop Yer Running
06. Got No Answers
07. Watch Out!
08. What It Isn't
09. No Time To Be Young
10. Rwanda Pt. 1
11. Rwanda Pt. 2
12. Critical Eye
13. Untitled Track
14. Untitled Track