Sunday, 23 March 2008

MANO NEGRA - (1988) - Patchanka

Another legendary band on Nečista Savjest. Mano Negra (or Black Hand) were a band from France that mixed all kinds of music styles like ska, rock, punk, reggae, latino, etc.. They existed during 1987-1995 period and were fronted by Manu Chao (today he's well known as solo artist). "Patchanka" is Mano Negra's first album and I have to say that I have listened to this band a lot when I first discovered them (sometime in late 1990's) cos their music was sooo infectious. Thanx for this CD go to Ivo B. who gave it to me as a birthday present.Info stuff: MySpace, Wikipedia, Manu Chao (has a section about Mano Negra).

MANO NEGRA - (1988) - Patchanka

Year: 1988
Label: Virgin France
Size: 86 MB / 320 kbps

01. Mano Negra
02. Ronde De Nuit
03. Baby You're Mine
04. Indios De Barcelona
05. Rock Island Line
06. Noche De Accion
07. Darling Darling
08. Killin' Rats
09. Mala Vida
10. Takin' It Up
11. La Ventura
12. Lonesome Bop
13. Bragg Jack
14. Salga La Luna


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