Thursday, 31 January 2013

Check this out, Internet, Freedom, etc... Copyright bullshit too

OK, anyone wondering what's going on with all the copyright bullshit on the internet should really check this show, made by Abby Martin. It airs on RT America (RT = Russia Today, don't worry, it's not some Putin outpost airing mental crap about him being a hero cos he's flying in a small kite/airplane leading a flock of swans to their winter destination, it's actually a really good news station dealing with all kinds of news).

These next few YouTube links are from Abby Martins show "Breaking the Set" (that's TV set she's breaking :).

BTS no. 88. - 1st part of interview with Kim Dotcom:

BTS no. 89. - 2nd part of interview with Kim Dotcom:

And if someone wants to go deeper there's 2 part interview that lasts longer:

PT. 1:

PT. 2:

OK, there you go... I gotta say Kim Dotcom is not my hero or anything, he is a capitalist, or a businessman, whatever that means... All I know is that he has some interesting stuff to say, makes me think some more about how this world is run. And about how capitalism is a lie, unless you got "good friends" (read: bribed politicians in your pockets).

Check Breaking The Set (FREE!) at their YouTube channel. ->