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Damn, this is sooooo good. I picked it up from Totalno Sam Ljut blogspot (blog having all the best Pula punk releases on it, definitely worth checking out!!!). This is INSANE!!! It's all the Pula HC/punk put together in one band, you got Angeri from Bolesno Grinje, Šapo from Fakofbolan, Jule from Anti Otpad etc. Fucking ALL-STARS Pula punk band! Fucking Hardcore Punk!

Bandcamp link -->

 AUDIO NITKOVS - Pišam na vas (I Piss On You)

Moonlee Records

This is one of the great labels coming from Balkans, based in Slovenia, with a Croatian branch, making great (and weird) music.
Moonlee Records has given a lot of their stuff for "name your price" cost (means it can be 0 - aka for free) on Bandcamp. Here is the link for their Bandcamp page --->
I'd definitely recommend checking them out, they have great bands on that label, if you like melodic punk/hc defo check out Debeli Precjednik (wow MySpace lol), for more noisy emo stuff I'd recommend Analena, defo also check out XAXAXA and Damir Avdić and also Senata Fox... Frigging too much crap to cover in one post, but a bunch of great bands on that label, well worth checking them all out.



(Debeli Precjednik/Fat Prezident should be on Fat Wreck already, WTF is Fat Mike doing? LOL)

XAXAXA - Probav da se isklučam (Band from Macedonia, fucking great, I listen to them a lot lately)

ANALENA - Inconstantinopolis (best ever emo/hc/whatever band from Croatia, and I'm kind of in love with the singer)


SENATA FOX - I Wish You're All Gone (fucking crust!!!)


OK, gotta find new ways of finding and listening to music. One good way to find and download new music is Bandcamp. I haven't been really exploring the ways this site makes profit and all that, but from what I've seen so far, it looks like a good option to find, listen, and also download for free or if you really like it, buy music.
The bands put their stuff on and you can choose the way you're gonna download it, sometimes it's free, sometimes it costs few dollars.
Or you can just listen to it.
Seems cool to me, so I'll be putting links to bands that can be found on Bandcamp for free.


Seems like my MediaFire account was suspended (whatever that means in bureaucracy terms). I suppose I shared too much of copyrighted crap on this blog. But the sad thing is, they didn't remove just the files that were infringing on copyright but they removed ALL of my files. That means NONE of the links work at this moment. MediaFire has a policy of suspending accounts (stupid term, I think they should call it KILLING the accounts) that get too many DMCA notices (DMCA = Digital Millennium Copyright Act). I personally don't have the problem with the owners of the music I post on here wanting to get their stuff removed, as it's their music, they made it etc. blah-blah they own it, yawn, but obviously me and them have a different vision of how the internet and free sharing of information should be handled. They chose the police state approach, so FUCK THEM!

They use the logic that every album you guys downloaded from this blog hurts their wallets, they say that every download is one less bought CD for them, and I think that is ridiculous. I know from my own experience that people don't want to buy every crap that is out there, if they care about the band they will go and BUY the shit band has to offer. Basically, downloaders get the blame for the bad state of music industry (and maybe that's the problem, it's a fucking industry, forget all the idealist stuff about how music is ART, it's a money making industry!) and it's cos the industry SUCKS big time. No one buys CDs anymore cos music suck!!! Not cos of people are downloading! People who download are the people who buy your music "products", you morons from the music industry!
All this industry and business talk is making me sick cos this blog, and 90% of the posts I had on here were non profit, D.I.Y., share-my-stuff type of music.
Stuff I mostly put on here was for me like a testament of my own life, stuff I liked, stuff that made me think about life, world, how things work, and now they messed it up. NO MORE DOWNLOADS!!!


Some of the crap I got suspended for wasn't even the stuff the complaint was about.

But enough of me whining. What is there to do? Give up? Say "That's it, I'm quitting"? NO!

I'm gonna keep on doing this blog, gonna find other ways to share music, gonna make another Mediafire account and post shit on there, gonna try and work it out, I'm not gonna let some scum tell me what I can and what I can't do. FUCK YOU ASSHOLES!!!

Only thing I know I won't ever do is buy another CD from a music industry.
I don't care what you guys do, leave me alone!

What this means for this blog? ALL LINKS ARE DEAD!!! Both no-copyright and the ones that are industry owned. I can't upload them all again, so I'll just do ones that people are requesting, meaning, put a comment in the post and if it's not the shit that got me fucked up, I'll reupload it again.

Apologies for the long read, the rakija might had something to do with it. ;)

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Arrest The Pope

Dunno anything about people who started this thing, this petition to send Pope to the Hague ICC (International Criminal Court), but I like it! Check the link bellow to see what's it all about and make your own mind if this make sense or not. I hope it's not some scam, cos I'd really like to see Pope and the Church on trial. This is not started by me, I just picked up on it.

And here's good old Disorder with their "Dope Not Pope" :)

Friday, 20 July 2012

In Medias Res #04 - #07

Ok, continuing with "In Medias Res" fanzine. Here are issues #04, #05, #06 & #07. All were released in 1994 & 1995. Enjoy!
For info about "IMR" check my previous post.
Info stuff: Što čitaš?.
Re-uploaded on 2012-12-02.

In Medias Res #04 (A5, 28 pgs, Croatian, 42 MB, cbz) - DL

In Medias Res #05 (A5, 28 pgs, Croatian, 42 MB, cbz) - DL

In Medias Res #06 (A5, 28 pgs, Croatian, 44 MB, cbz) - DL

In Medias Res #07 (A5, 28 pgs, Croatian, 45 MB, cbz) - DL

Sunday, 3 June 2012

In Medias Res #00 - #03

OK, got some zines to share. And to start things off... What else to use but (in my honest opinion) one of the most influential zines on the Croatian scene during the 1990's. "In Medias Res" brings back a lot of memories, scanning this stuff was a real trip back through time, almost like riding shotgun in that DeLorean Marty McFly was driving in "Back To Future" movies. I personally know Marko S. who made this zine, I was even involved in making of some issues (early ones - there's even an interview with me in issue #04 I think) and this zine was always a good read. I waited impatiently for every issue to come out, sometimes dreading the "Drunk as fuck" photo section as my pics were there almost regularly. What made "IMR"  different from other zines? Well, I always loved Marko's ability to give me some interesting reading material, I loved his travel reports, I loved his band interviews as he always had some weird bands he thought us drunk punks could get introduced to... This zine made me think I was not alone, made me feel a part of this worldwide punk/anarchist "movement" or "brotherhood" and I will forever be grateful to Marko for making me feel that way. RESPECT!!!
I suppose I'll need to write some info about the zine itself so here it goes... It first appeared in 1993 and kept on going till the 2000 (or around that year) which definitely makes it one of the longest running Croatian fanzines (there was "Warhead" zine done by Goc from Apatridi band that could maybe compete with "IMR" in terms of longevity but I think "IMR" had a lot more issues released). You could say the zine is kind of Marko's personal diary of sorts, it's not trying to be a punk magazine, it's about stuff that he found interesting. These 4 issues I'm posting here are the beginnings, released during 1993-1994. These issues look silly now, the design is pretty crude, the contents are almost "childish", just some rants done by a guy in his bedroom, and that's how it was actually made I suppose, but you need to take one thing into account. 1993-1994 were war years here in Croatia, we had a nazi president (fucking Franjo Tuđman, may he burn in hell for ages to come, and then burn some more, and all his family should get cancer, oh, OK, you get it, I hate the dead fucker), and there was no internet like today, so all information about anything other than the state sponsored news was hard to get. "IMR" came out and it was something new, it was punk in a way that it made people think "Damn, I can do this too!". I'll say it again, "Thank you Marko!" cos you made one part of my life a little bit more brighter and interesting.
Marko went to do other stuff in publishing, and if you're interested in what he's doing/publishing now check the link below.
Info stuff: Što čitaš?.
Re-uploaded on 2012-12-02.

In Medias Res #00 (A5, 12 pgs, Croatian, 20.2 MB, cbz) - DL

In Medias Res #01 (A5, 24 pgs, Croatian, 37.5 MB, cbz) - DL

In Medias Res #02 (A5, 28 pgs, Croatian, 39.8 MB, cbz) - DL

In Medias Res #03 (A5, 24 pgs, Croatian, 31.3 MB, cbz) - DL

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

"Is this thing still on?"

It's hard to answer the question in the title of this post. I am not sure how to define the state of this blog at this moment. I would like for it to still be alive but my previous track record is telling me differently. As you can see, I haven't been very active in last 2 or more years, and I kinda doubt I'll be more active from now on. Last 5 posts were actually stuff I had "on ice", stuff which was on my "to do" list for a long time. I got nothing new planned for posting, but (I hope) this doesn't mean that occasionally something new won't pop up on here to share with you.

I suppose I'll need to sit down and have a serious thinking session about the future of this blog. I want it to go somewhere, but where should it go, it's still a mystery to me. Being unemployed at the moment also doesn't help. I thought that being unemployed would give me lots of free time to work on this blog, but it seems like I was wrong. If nothing, I am working on the blog even less. Also, all this copyright terror (ACTA, SOPA, CISPA, and all other state/big business sponsored censorship action) is making sharing stuff really hard, with cyber lockers removing files like mad in fear of being closed down like Megaupload. That means I won't be re-uploading stuff that gets removed cos of requests from it's "owners" (record companies) or stuff that gets removed cos the bands themselves want it removed.
I'll be still checking on the blog like usual (maybe once a week) and try to answer your comments. And yeah, I got bored with the all black design of the blog, so here's the new design. See you all (I hope) very soon with new stuff for you to enjoy.

VA - KAZIN #1 (cass) [2000]

OK, this is a first on Nečista Savjest, been checking through all the previous posts and through my (somewhat damaged) braincells and yep, it's the first one, we never had an audio fanzine before on this blog. So let's start with an obvious statement: KAZIN is an audio fanzine. It was made by 2 guys, one of them is pretty well known in Croatian punk/alternative scene, his name is Mario Kovač (Schmrtz Teatar, Zvonko I Gradski Ured Za Kulturu, D Elvis, theater director, TV actor, movie mogul ;), etc.), and the other guy is Igor Mihovilović (PKB Teatar). As Mario tells us in 1st track "Uvod" ("Intro") this audio zine is basically a compilation of all the stuff that piled up and got released in this format. I don't know how much KAZIN will be interesting for people outside Croatia as most stuff featured on this tape is in Croatian. As far as I know this is the only issue of KAZIN.
Update on 2013-01-18:
One of the editors of KAZIN, Igor, was kind enough to inform me that there were two more issues of this audio fanzine released, #2 in 2001 and #3 in 2002. Thx Igor! Check the comments for his full info with more details, and does anyone have those tapes to share? Or sell?
Re-uploaded on 2012-12-10.

VA - KAZIN #1 (cass) [2000]

Year: 2000
Label : Carpe Diem! Records
Size: 152 MB / 320 kbps mp3 / 7z / DL

01. Uvod
02. Najvažnija vijest
03. Hermit - Piece For Audiozine
04. Šaljivi kućni audio 1
05. Schmrtz Teatar - Prevaren
06. Šaljivi kućni audio 2
07. Marko P. - Balada o poremećenom crvu
08. Šaljivi kućni audio 3
09. Bridget Bitch - Annie Sprinkle Trilogy (Part 1)
10. Šaljivi kućni audio 4
11. PBK Teatar - Čovjek vlak
12. Zoološki vrt
13. Zidar Betonsky - Šah mat (fragment)
14. Šaljivi kućni audio 5
15. 7 muha - radio igrokaz
16. Šaljivi kućni audio 6
17. Daydream Nation - Mondrian In Memoriam
18. Šaljivi kućni audio 7
19. Interview - Jonathan Crooks

Monday, 14 May 2012

ANTI TODOR [1999] Gubitnik (cass)

Anti Todor, or more correctly Antitodor (both versions of the band name are used on the cover of this tape) is a band from town of Pula in Croatia formed in 1996 and "Gubitnik" (Loser) is their first official release (they had 2 demos before it). If you wonder what the band name means - Todor is a nickname of the band's frontman. After this tape they had 2 more releases, "Ne bojim se" (2004) & "Punker" (2010). Anti Todor play 77's punk style of music (Sale Veruda of KUD Idijoti fame has apparently helped with the sound) and lyrics cover classic despair and no future themes.
Info stuff: MySpace (in Croatian).
Re-uploaded on 2012-12-10.

ANTI TODOR [1999] Gubitnik (cass)

Year: 1999
Label : Monte Paradiso
Size: 87 MB / 320 kbps mp3 / 7z / DL

01. Državna
02. Anarhija
03. Dosada
04. Fuck The Police
05. Gubitnik
06. Patike
07. Periferija
08. Sado mazo
09. Sam
10. Više ne trebam te
11. Zajedno sa vama

SKRETNIČARI [1992] Sjene sa pruge (cass)

Skretničari (closest translation I could find is "Signalmen", like in "people who operate the rail-road switches") were a punk band from Zagreb formed in early 1990's. They broke up after few years due to personal tragedies (death of a member in 1993). "Sjene sa pruge" (or "Shadows From The Rail-road") is their first and only release from that period. They reformed years later with a new line-up and released one CD (2006) and played in front of The Anti-Nowhere League in 2009. I got no clue if they're still active, I haven't seen any announcements of them playing somewhere recently, and as it is often the case with bands from this part of the world, it's almost impossible to find any decent info about them online.
On a personal note, I gotta say that this is my favourite Zagreb's street punk band of the time (early 1990's). Their sound reminds me a little of Angelic Upstarts, and their lyrics are talking about stuff & people & feelings I could identify with at the time this tape came out. Be it drinking in the park ("Banda") or real people they were describing ("Trfo") or just a feeling of despair that comes from living during shitty times in a shitty capital of a shitty country. Lots of shit to fight through in life, yeah, but this release somehow still makes me feel better, even when I listen to it now.
Re-uploaded on 2012-12-10.

SKRETNIČARI [1992] Sjene sa pruge (cass)

Year: 1992
Label : ŽTP Recordz
Size: 69 MB / 320 kbps mp3 / 7z / DL

01. Trfo
02. Bob Rock sluša punk rock
03. Dobro jutro
04. Dva Ferala
05. Banda
06. Ruža na betonu
07. Sjene sa pruge
08. U.K.D.K.
09. Čelzijeva zvijezda
10. Svi za jednoga
11. Nema mjesta za nas

AGITATOR + UNUTRAŠNJI BUNT [1996] Za koga? Zbog čega? split tape (cass)

"Za koga? Zbog čega?" (roughly translated - "For who? For what?") is a self-released split tape of Agitator from Sombor, and Unutrašnji Bunt from Kovin, both cities in Serbia. Both bands play pretty rough hardcore punk (actually, on the tape cover, you can see how they describe their genres themselves). Agitator have male vocals, while Unutrašnji Bunt (it means something like "Internal Revolt") have dual (male  & female) vocals. Lyrics are usual for bands from this region during the 1990's (war time in Balkans) and deal with war and system oppression. I have no clue if these two bands are still active, since I couldn't find any info on them online.
Re-uploaded on 2012-12-10.

AGITATOR + UNUTRAŠNJI BUNT [1996] Za koga? Zbog čega? split tape (cass)

Year: 1996
Label : self-released
Size: 63 MB / 320 kbps mp3 / 7z / DL

01. Agitator - Užas
02. Agitator - Ljudi
03. Agitator - Mrtav + Cena slave
04. Agitator - Fighter
05. Unutrašnji Bunt - Intro
06. Unutrašnji Bunt - Ujedinimo se!
07. Unutrašnji Bunt - Nedam te
08. Unutrašnji Bunt - Danas i sutra
09. Unutrašnji Bunt - You Take Part In Creating The System (Discharge cover)

Sunday, 13 May 2012

GUNS 'N' WANKERS [1994] For Dancing And Listening

Not feeling too smart at this moment, so I'll just copy & paste what Wikipedia says about them:
"Guns 'N' Wankers were a punk rock band, formed by ex-members of British punk band Snuff, and British rock band The Wildhearts in the early 1990s. The band consisted of Duncan Redmonds (vocals, guitar), Patrice Walters (drums, vocals) and Joolz Dean (bass guitar, vocals). The three formed the band on the same day Snuff played their farewell gig (now reformed) at the Kilburn National, and Walters was released of duty with The Wildhearts. On the off chance, Duncan gave Walters a call after seeing him play in a band called The Milk Monitors a few years before. In turn, Walters called his old mate Joolz Dean and the line-up was complete.
After touring up and down the United Kingdom with the likes of Leatherface, NOFX and Wat Tyler, the band set about recording demos. This coincided with a tour of the Basque region in Spain, where copies of the demos sold well. On their return Sean of Wat Tyler, the man behind Rugger Bugger Records, put up the modest money to record a Guns 'N' Wankers album, which was recorded and produced by Andy Davies in Hitchin, Herts. The recordings were originally released on Rugger Bugger Records as three 7" EPs: Hardcore, Pop, and Metal (A Silly EP was free with an issue of Fear & Loathing 'zine in very limited numbers), the album was later that year, omitting the track "Evergreen" from the Metal EP. However, when NOFX's Fat Mike showed an interest in releasing the album on legendary US punk label Fat Wreck Chords, he dispensed with all the material from Metal. The remainder was a compilation of the Hardcore and Pop EPs, released as an eight track album called For Dancing And Listening on Fat Wreck Chords. The album was well received and continues to be highly regarded by the punk fraternity, but unfortunately soon after, the band split due to the reformation of Snuff. Pat Walters went on to play with singer-songwriter Marc Carroll in a band called The Hormones and Joolz formed punk band Dogpiss."
Big thanks go to Malisha who ripped this vinyl for me.
Info stuff: MySpace, Wikipedia, Discogs.

GUNS 'N' WANKERS [1994] For Dancing And Listening

Year: 1994
Label : Fat Wreck Chords
Size: 47.4 MB / 320 kbps mp3 / 7z

01. Blah Blah Blah
02. Skin Deep
03. Nervous
04. Blown Away
05. Help
06. Sunstroke
07. Surprise
08. Raise Your Glass


INTERVENZIONE [1999] Walls Of Shame (cass)

Intervenzione were a hardcore punk band from Aveiro in Portugal. I'll admit that I don't know much about them and all info I'm sharing here comes from the booklet that was attached to the tape cover (included in the DL) and from what I found online. The band formed in 1995 after break-up of Inkisicao, and they were active until 2005. They released few songs on different compilations, had a split 7'' with Yuppiecrusher from Sweden, and had 2 full length releases, "Walls Of Shame" (1999) and "Last Screams" (2009). 
This tape is a cassette version of Intervenzione's CD of the same name released by Rastilho Records from Portugal back in 1999.
Info stuff: Discogs, MySpace.
Re-uploaded on 2012-12-10.

INTERVENZIONE [1999] Walls Of Shame (cass)

Year: 1999
Label : DHP-AK47/Demonkracija
Size: 85 MB / 320 kbps mp3 / 7z / DL

01. Nos Uniao
02. Acid Rain... Dark Sky
03. Fabulas De Encantar De Joao-Sem-Nome
04. Political Child
05. Walls Of Shame
06. Homeless... We'll Take A Stand!
07. La Puta Heroina
08. Palavras Ou Duros Sentimentos
09. Empty Society
10. Run You Fool Run
11. Porcos Fascistas (Continuacao)
12. At My Job