Sunday, 23 March 2008

PETROGRAD [2002] Nineoneone

Petrograd is a band from Luxembourg and they were formed in October of 1996 by former member of bands like Subway Arts, No More and Bakunin's Children. They play this mix of emo/melodic/pop/punk/hc with both very personal and very political lyrics. This is their third album and I think it's the last stuff that they've released cos I couldn't find anything about them on the net (although, with a name like Petrograd I'm not surprised at that - ever tried typing Disorder into Google?).
Info stuff: Skuld Releases (CD info), (short bio, pics), Enough Fanzine (CD review).
Re-uploaded on 2013-07-16.

PETROGRAD [2002] Nineoneone

Year: 2002
Label: Christopher's Records/Pozoin Banaketak/Noiseworks Records
Size: 334 MB / FLAC / 7z / DL

01. Song For Jesse
02. Guerre Civile
03. Among The Rocks
04. Prise De La Bastille
05. Get A Fuckin' Life
06. A Conversation With God
07. July 20th
08. Next Exit Wonderland
09. Tea Party
10. Mary Poppins
11. No Stripes On The Moon


Eddel29 said...

so good to read

Anonymous said...

if you need any info just ask,,,about petrograd,,,just by accident i have seen your site,,,band is no more activ,,,and if you need albums it could be arranged,,,look for me on facebook,,,boris bt torbic,,,i have a dollar piramide logo as my profile photo,,,

Anonymous said...

it would be awesome if anyone could reup this album!

Nečista Savjest said...

@ Anon - Try now, sorry for the wait...