Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Been doing some maintenance work...

Hi to all!
If you've noticed that there are no new posts for some time now, it's because I've been doing some work on this blog, mainly I've been trying to upload all the stuff I've posted until now to ADrive, cos of Div$$$hare's new policy for free accounts. You can check my "Possible problems with Divshare" post for more details...
While uploading I've been spending quality time by hanging out at this next few blogs:
CORPUS DELICTI - interesting blog for people who want hard to get stuff from Ex-Yugoslavia. It's done by Kktz who is a living encyclopedia of bands, zines and people who participated in the punk/hardcore/alternative scene. Well worth checking out!
AUDIO HEAVEN - done by a guy called Alex, this is a treasure chest of a blog. He says he is a metal head, but I think that everyone can find something there. For me personally the most interesting are his posts/uploads about bands from Pula (Pula is Punk!!!), the town with in my opinion the best punk/HC scene in Croatia.
7inchcrust - no need for introduction here since I've seen links to this blog on almost every blog I've visited. And for a good reason. Excellent releases, well written infos, what's more to say then check this one out if you haven't already!
RÖCKIN' NÖIZ - done by my friend Malisha. Also a very good blog, excellent releases, and since he is a bit of a perfectionist, you can be sure that the stuff you download from him will be properly ripped and tagged. Cheers to him!
PEACE OR ANNIHILATION - another interesting blog, with some great crusty stuff on it.
SIMON GANE - done by, well, Simon Gane. He's a cartoonist and illustrator (an artist to make it simple) who did a zine called Arnie back in the 90's, which had a great influence in Croatian punk zines scene (it's design got copied a lot...), and who did excellent comics like "Little Arnie"(Anti State Tortoise rules!!!), "Subvertman" (about a crusty punk who gets his super powers by drinking a case of radioactive cider!) and "The Right On Kids". I like his style of drawing, so if for nothing else, go check it out for a beautiful artwork that can be seen on this blog.
So, that's it for now, I'm planning future post/uploads, but I'm not sure when exactly I will manage to put them up, cos I want to fix everything I've uploaded until now. Hope you'll have patience, try and visit Nečista Savjest occasionally and maybe you'll have a pleasant surprise.
Oh yes, and leaving a comment wouldn't hurt you (I can communicate in English and almost all Ex-Yugoslavian languages) and it would give me a satisfaction of knowing that all this shit I do matters to someone.


Anonymous said...

Greetings from Portugal!

Thanks for sharing all this amazing music.



Nečista Savjest said...

Hello to Potugal, thanx for leaving a comment. I really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

jansha ti si moj idol ...hehe;).
pozdrav iz bregane! bad.danijel @ Moonlee

Milan said...

Dobar blog,sto se tice Impulse manslaughter,mozes to da skines preko SOULSEEK-a...ima bas svasta tamo da se nadje:

Nečista Savjest said...

Hvala na pohvali i savjetu oko Soulseeka. Bio sam na tvom blogu, imaš zanimljivih japanskih izdanja, stavit ću link na tvoj blog, ako ti nije bed.