Friday, 15 February 2008

Radical Dance Faction

R.D.F. started playing back in 1986. They came from Hungerford in UK. When they begun playing they were called Military Surplus and you can find one of their tracks on the ''Stonehenge'' EP released by Bluurg Records and also reissued on ''Bluurg Records EP's 82-88'' (by the way, an excellent release, get it if you can!). R.D.F. are a great band that got me into punk/dub sort of music, they have a dark, almost suicidally depressive atmosphere but there's always a feeling of hope, of the light at the end of a tunnel feeling to it. Don't know, maybe all this sounds too poetic, I always have a problem in describing music I like and slotting it into certain genre. Since their split, various members have played in bands such as the Revolutionary Dub Warriors, P.A.I.N., DF118, The Wonder Stuff, The Rhythmites, and Dub The Earth. ''Borderline Cases'' is their first CD release (they had two tape releases before that), ''Wasteland'' is the second, with a cover done by Gee Vaucher who designed covers for Crass and I added the poster Gee did and which was planned to be used for future R.D.F.'s album covers, the ''Wasteland'' being part one of, I think, three. Unfortunately they never came out cos the band split up. ''Raggamuffin Statement'' is a compilation of R.D.F.'s stuff from different compilations etc. You can learn more about them from an article on Wikipedia about R.D.F. and a R.D.F.’s MySpace fan page.
Re-uploaded on 2013-09-23.

RADICAL DANCE FACTION [1990] Borderline Cases

Year: 1990
Label: Earth Zone Records
Size: 113 MB / 320 kbps / 7z / DL

01. Surplus People
02. Chinese Poem
03. Borderline
04. Rogue Trooper (Live Mix)
05. 4 Chuck Chant
06. Back In The Same Place
07. Riverwise
08. Hot On The Wire
09. Sorepoint For A Sickman
10. Firepower (Military Surplus/R.D.F.)


Year: 1991
Label: Earth Zone Records
Size: 92 MB / 320 kbps / 7z / DL

01. Station X Red Flame
02. Working Class Hero
03. Tension Town
04. Tense (Instrumental)
05. Sadness
06. Babylon
07. Can't Stand No More
08. Hope
09. Next Man In Europe
10. What The Man Made Of Stone

RADICAL DANCE FACTION [1995] Raggamuffin Statement

Year: 1995
Label: Inna State Records
Size: 130 MB / 320 kbps / 7z / DL

01. Beast In The Doorway (Sonic Mix)
02. Dirty Old Town (Sonic Mix)
03. Beast In The Dub (Sonic Mix)
04. 1st Dub + Martin Foran (Sonic Mix)
05. Rogue Trooper (Generic Infantryman Mix)
06. Hot On The Wire
07. Punks With Guns
08. Dum Diggy (Instrumental)
09. Babble On
10. Tense Dub
11. Go To A War
12. Statement (Hungerford Poem)

Managed to find this release too:

RADICAL DANCE FACTION [1989] Hot On The Wire Demo

Year: 1989
Label: Chis Bowsher/R.D.F.
Size: 183 MB / FLAC / 7z / DL

01. Nuclear Valley
02. Hot On The Wire
03. Next Man In Europe
04. Stepping Over The Line
05. 4 Chuck Chant
06. Border Line
07. Unknown Soldier


Anonymous said...

Evo baš mi je drago da san uspia naletit na ovaj blog jer sam jednom davno pokušava nabavit albume od RDF-a ali nije išlo. I evo sad ipak nakon dugo vrimena posve slučajno pošlo mi za rukom.
Samo ne radi link za ovaj zadnji album - Raggamuffin Statement pa ako možeš ponovo stavit.
Fala puno.

Anonymous said...

evo opet ja!
moja greška, proba sam skidat više od dva albuma odjednom.
znači sve u redu.
Pozdrav iz st-a

Nečista Savjest said...

Ajde, baš mi je drago da je sve ok i da si uspio naći ono što si tražio. Meni su isto RDF jedan od najnapetijih bendova tako da me baš razveselilo što ih ljudi (pa još iz Hrvatske!) skidaju.
Hvala ti na komentaru, uživaj u RDF-u i pozdrav Splitu!

Darren said...

Cheers for this.

I only know radical dance faction from a mixtape that a mate down for me years ago. I liked them at the time, and always wanted to hear more of their music.

Nečista Savjest said...

Thanx Darren, Radical Dance Faction is one of my fav bands, so glad i could share it and you people can enjoy it!!
Cheers to you too!

ondrej said...

Hvala lijepa!
And best regards from Prague,

Anonymous said...

What a top blog, can't even get any RDF here in the UK, loved the band when I was younger, was a traveller then and seen them live too many times to remember, the bass player Mark McCarthy now plays for The Wonder Stuff, thanks and keep writing, ever heard of Culture Shock, great ska punk band like RDF made 3 excellent albums "Onwards & Upwards", "Go Wild" & "All The Time" if anyone got any of them Blog them, as well as Military Surplus and Subhumans, respect MARV.

Nečista Savjest said...

Hi Marv, thanks for your kind words, people who appreciate the music like you do make this thing worth doing. I love RDF, I've never seen them live as they never came to this part of the world, but I have seen P.A.I.N. live and that was on hell of the experience. Yep, I know of Culture Shock, they are a great band, got all those 3 albums you mentioned, but I am somewhat reluctant to put them on here as they are I think still available from Dick and his Bluurg Records. Well, cheers to you Marv, thanks once more for your comment, and enjoy the music!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Bluurg info, gonna get some off them at £4 a disc or 7 euros inc postage, ever heard the RDF "Landing Party" E.P. looking for it for years, you can download it but it's a torrent thing and I'm not that skilled in computers. I used to have a lot of RDF vinyl but it got played out and now I've only got a dying copy of "Borderline Cases", those downloads made my week, thanks again, nothing wrong with blogging deleted music, if anything it's a conservation issue.
Another of my fave bands is HERE & NOW (still got a few thing available but mostly deleted) and DR PHIBES AND THE HOUSE OF WAX EQUATIONS (deleted nowadays), got a few Cd's of theirs, if your interested I can send you a copy in the post, favour for those 3 RDF LPs, and off CDs in 320 kbs top quality, give me a shout at, respect MARV.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Greets from Romania

MARV said...

Alright, managed to get hold of a copy of the "Landing Party" E.P. tracks "Landing Party", "Riverwise 2" and "Landing Party" (Short Version) on it's only release on vinyl, in near mint condition, ripped it at 320kbs, if you've got anywhere to upload it to and add it to this blog, or I can send you a CDRaudio in the post, let me know at , respect MARViTYN A*TASHE~DEMOON.

Dongyitang said...

Greetings man

Thanx for the musical pearls you've got in this cabinet.
Keep up those tasty buds!

Hug from Portugal


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Cheers for all the RDF!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million. I love the aong borderline. Love the first record. A friend has the record. Allways listen it there.
Never got it. Until now. Thanks.

pinkpressthreat said...
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pinkpressthreat said...

Here's that Demo:

I hope you like it x

Zillion said...

Amazing upload, but the links are dead!

I have been looking all over for these. Is there anyway someone can upload or post a link! It would be much appreciated!

Thanks a lot in advance. RDF!

Nečista Savjest said...

@ Zillion - Try now, I updated the link.

Anonymous said...

Thanks from Ukraine! I Love This Band!