Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Tito's Bojs

Tito's Bojs are a relatively new punk rock band from Istra (Istrian Peninsula) in Croatia. They play music reminiscent of The Clash and some Latin American bands that carry on with that style of music with a touch of fun thrown in. ''Electro Istra'' is their second release and ''Picajolo'' their third and most recent. They are still active and are gigging around. I saw them live once in Gromka club in Metelkova in Ljubljana and it was a good gig. I like them cos they have a strong anti-fascist attitude, their ''Naci skinjara'' (Nazi skin) song being one of the best anti-nazi songs from a Croatian band that I have ever heard. And their name is also quite courageous to have in today's Croatia where the mention of Tito or communism can get your head kicked in by some idiot filled with patri(di)otism (read: right wing shits who adore war criminals from Croatian quisling regime during World War II). Check them out at their Tito's Bojs official site and order some of their stuff cos I think it's still available.

TITO'S BOJS - (2002) - Electro Istra

Year: 2002
Label: Ča kurac?/Humanita Nova
Size: 45.2 MB

01. Tito's Bojs intro
02. Bez komentara
03. Mast i vlast
04. Čika plavi
05. HTV vikend
06. Ovako završe svi
07. Rovinj gori
08. Nonotova pjesma
09. Moštruožo
10. Tajkob+
11. Billy, Billy
12. Ja sam svoj
13. Tito's Bojs Song
14. Ugasi pogon
15. Osjećam se


TITO'S BOJS - (2007) - Picajolo

Year: 2007
Label: Ča kurac?/Bum Records
Size: 80 MB

01. Baj, baj za kraj
02. Preživjeti
03. Fuj bljak ska
04. Đorđo putano
05. Istina
06. Komunalac
07. Naci skinjara
08. Kuba 1.62
09. Neshvaćeni degenerik
10. Story Of The Picajolo Punk Guy
11. Radio Rovinj
12. Smak svijeta
13. Žuta kronika
14. Kod Moma
15. Outro



Kalashnikov Collective said...

Hi! I'm Stefano from Milano, Italy. I love your blog! Great punx music, anarco-punk, dub, crust... So... I play in the Kalashnikov Collective band (www.kalashni.net / www.kalashnikov-collective.blogspot.com) and we play in Zagreb next 27 april. Hope to meet you, guy!


Nečista Savjest said...

Tnanx for kind words Stefano!
I'm really glad that you like the blog, cos I spend a lot of time and effort in making it. If you want I can add a link to your band's blog. Well, that's it from me, we'll maybe see each other on your gig in Zagreb!

Anonymous said...


I am Gilberto vonMamerto from Luguria D.I.Y and Punk i Circo (Chile, South America). Hell yes Man!, your site is great, good work. Thanks for this.

Please visit my site blog and add my lynk.

Good luck, peace and force!


Nečista Savjest said...

Hello to Gilberto!
I've been to your blog and it's really good, design is much better than mine... Feeling little jealous :-)
No problem, I'll add a link to your blog!
Thanx for leaving a comment!