Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Fakofbolan (FOB)

Fakofbolan are a band from Pula (again!) who play great punk/Oi! kind of music. They were active during the years of 1993-2006 when they sadly disbanded. I've put up here two of their albums, ''Jedini dokaz'' and ''Provincija uzvraća udarac''. On ''Jedini dokaz'' tracks 01-14 are from that album and tracks 15-23 are bonus ones from FOB's split LP with Dark Busters, another band from Pula, which was released in 1996 (''Himna Tounju'' and Maske's joke about the rabbit which were on the original split LP are sadly not here). ''Provincija uzvraća udarac'' is FOB's last studio album, relased on now dead Zvuk Močvare label (killed by racketeering from ZAMP, Croatian version of RIAA, which only cares about killing off underground scene in my country and protecting the interests of mainstream entertainers, popularly called ''estrada'' but I like to call them ''slime'' or ''maggots'' instead, who churn out debilitating songs that'll give you a brain tumor if you get too much exposure to them). FOB was an intense band to watch, and had great lyrics that got you thinking. One of my favourite Croatian bands of all times. If you like them, there's their live show during 10th Orto Punk Festival in Metelkova in Ljubljana which was recorded on 13.09.2003. available for download from Monte Paradiso Netlabel. I've found FOB's web page that looks like it wasn't updated for a long time, but you should check it out cos there's more detailed info (biography, discography, pics, lyrics etc.) about FOB there than that what I've written here.

FAKOFBOLAN [1998] Jedini dokaz 

Year: 1998
Label: Monte Paradiso/Humanita Nova/Dirty Old Town 
Size: 116 MB / 320 kbps / 7z / DL

01. Pietas Iulia
02. Terorizam 
03. Ostali...
04. Cik zore
05. Crna rupa 
06. Točno u podne
07. Ulica
08. Na rubu
09. Noćas 
10. Naprijed u smrt 
11. Da li znaš?
12. Ne vraćaj se
13. Savršeno
14. Sarajevo
15. Kota 313
16. Ropstvo je sloboda
17. Ne želim biti tvoj 
18. Rođen da gubim
19. Metak
20. Mržnja
21. OK 
22. Imamo Hrvatsku 
23. Neprilagodljiv tip

FAKOFBOLAN [2002] Provincija uzvraća udarac 

Year: 2002
Label: Zvuk Močvare 
Size: 79 MB / 320 kbps / 7z / DL 

01. Gangsta '95 (instrumentalna)
02. ...A sada reklame...
03. Pepsi-Nike generacija 
04. Pula ratuje (Gola Jaja)
05. Ne pitaj me zašto
06. Tražeći slobodu 
07. Neznani junaci 
08. Predgrađa
09. Lovci na vjetrenjače
10. Glasnice (Headbanger) 
11. Sumrak civilizacije


Anonymous said...

great band!!!!!!

Nečista Savjest said...

I'm glad that you like F.O.B., cos as I wrote in my post, they're one of my favourite Croatian bands.
Be sure to check out 2 Minuta Mržnje, they sound similar in Oi!/punk parts, though 2MM don't have the reggae/ska bits thrown in.

z said...

momak,hvala puno za ovo sta radis.
lipo je ovo sve ponovo cut..

Anonymous said...

zanima me di bi moga skinit scathu?unaprijed hvala,neovisno o odgovoru

Nečista Savjest said...

Probaj za Scathu na 7inchcrust blogu, imaš link na njega pod Other Cool Sites, mislim da tamo ima par 7'' za skinut...

Eddie said...


Jel ima ikakve sanse da ovo jos imas i da uploadas u ovom 320kbps formatu?