Friday, 15 February 2008

MERE DEAD MEN [1995] Carry On...

I've bought this CD from Sandro of Živjela Komercijala zine/distro on some gig cos I was drunk and MDM's picture on the CD cover looked funny at the time, and I thought they could sound something like Vice Squad. They didn't, but I wasn't disappointed cos MDM play very good punk with female vocals (MDM's singer Mandy used to be in a band called The Iconoclasts). I have to admit that I don't know much about this band but I know they formed back in 1985 and are from Liverpool. For more info go to MDM's MySpace page.

MERE DEAD MEN [1995] Carry On...

Year: 1995
Label: Amöbenklang
Size: 118 MB / 320 kbps / 7z / DL

01. Lighten Up
02. The Archduke
03. Instigators
04. Wrong For Us
05. Some Hope
06. Demand
07. No
08. Mrs. Perkins
09. The Joker
10. Savage Garden
11. Bernard
12. Alcohol
13. Take What You Can
14. No Future UK
15. Preacher
16. Scapegoat
17. Left To Rott
18. Licence To Kill
19. Real World

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