Thursday, 28 February 2008

LTS - (1999) - Intime Océan

LTS (stands for Long Term Survivors) are a Celtic-folk/punk (or Celtic core as I've found it being described on some web sites) band from France. They sound pretty good, and they played once in Zagreb, but unfortunately I haven't been to that gig. I don't know much about this band, so I don't have any real info about them, I've found their web page which is in French and I think this CD may still be available on some distros.

LTS - (1999) - Intime Océan

Year: 1999
Label: Nabate Records/Pekor Produktion/Active Distribution
Size: 81.5 MB

01. Monnegan's Boogie
02. Intime Océan
03. Peut-Etre Au Bout Du Monde
04. La Rumeur
05. Euréka
06. Le Dos Aumur
07. La Tribu Sauvage
08. Un Écossais Au Zaire
09. Ramasser Ses Miettes
10. La Premiére Pierre
11. Le Dauphin


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