Wednesday, 9 January 2008


Here are some of 7" vynils that I've decided to put up.

This band is from what was then in 1983 called West Berlin. They play fast and noisy hardcore and I like them, although I don't know anything about them except for what I've written here. Check them out!

CRAPSCRAPERS [1983] Don't Waste Money 7''

Year: 1983
Label: self-released
Size: 12 MB / 192 kbps / 7z

01. Dioxin
02. Demokratie
03. Public Threat
04. R.A.
05. Exocet
06. Rassismus-tourismus
07. Abschuss
08. Europa


Fast and angry UK band from beginning of the 90's. If you like Hiatus, Doom, etc. you'll like this one.

ONE BY ONE [1992] Fight 7''
Year: 1992
Label: Flat Earth Records / Nabate Records
Size: 14 MB / 192 kbps / 7z

01. Beg The Question
02. You Are The Key
03. Bums Rush For Earth
04. Lies Become Truth
05. Pin In The Atlas
06. Shop Me


This is one of my favourite US bands. They come from Minnesota and this 7" was released on Havoc Records (thanx Felix!!!). When I first heard it I went crazy. Unfortunately they didn't do anything else except an LP called "Invention, Extinction" for Profane Existence/Skuld Releases. I haven't heard it, but Vedran K. told me it wasn't as good as this is. Download this or/and go to Havoc Records site and order it, you won't be sorry!!!

CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE [1993] In A Few Hours Of Madness 7''

Year: 1993
Label: Havoc Records
Size: 17 MB / 224 kbps / 7z

01. Planet Of The Fakes
02. Faith Not Sight
03. Manufactured Citizens
04. The Unavoidable Process

Autonomy were an American band from Los Angeles. While Vedran K. was doing his "Ho-Ho-Ho!" fanzine this was one of the bands he was in contact with. Thanx to him I got this 7" which is a good anarcho-punk, reminds me a bit of Aus-Rotten…

AUTONOMY [1995] A Faction Of Mercy 7''

Year: 1995
Label: Ex-Tune / Mass Media Records
Size: 19 MB

01. Hate Crime Update + Abolish Apartheid
02. Poverty & Death
03. Bomb Threat
04. Senseless Fun
05. Stop Them


Both of the bands are from Montreal in Canada. It's a typical Profane Existence/Skuld release. It's noisy, hard & crusty…


Year: 1996
Label: Profane Existence / Skuld Releases
Size: 25 MB / 320 kbps / 7z

01. Refuse To Obey
02. Class War
03. Sans cesse oppressor
04. The End Of Supremacy
05. Disgust
06. Nuclear Disaster
07. Fool's War


Split 7'' from two UK punk bands, The Chineapple Punx who play faster and heavier and their sound reminds me of Cress, and Ciderfex who sound more like bands like Dog On A Rope or maybe Monkhouse.


Year: 1996
Label: Dual Cabbageway Records
Size: 16 MB / 192 kbps / 7z

THE CHINEAPPLE PUNX - Chunk And Disorderly:
01. Dig
02. Our Friend Albert
03. Riot Cop Diet Cop
CIDERFEX - Leatherhead, Bristol, Studley Green And Hackney:
04. Bastard
05. The Pope Song
06. Mad Dog Ken


I had to put up this 7" cos it brings back chaotic memories. I've actually been on this gig in Ilirska Bistrica in Slovenija (Slovenia) when this was recorded. I also got pretty pissed (cheap wine & beer mix), didn't get robbed or twatted though... But I know the guy who did punch Doom's singer. It was Hrvoje M. who later when I asked him why he did such a stupid thing told me that he thought he heard the singer from Doom say something like "Pick me in the head!" and he translated this in his drunk/dumb head that he should go on stage an punch him. Well, it was a good gig even with this stupid incident.

DOOM [1997] Pissed, Robbed & Twatted 7''

Year: 1997
Label: Nuclear Sun Punk
Size: 27.6 MB

01. The Free World
02. Claustrophobia
03. Worthless Nothing
04. Dig Your Grave
05. Joke's On You
06. Keep It Angry


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