Wednesday, 9 January 2008

PEKINŠKA PATKA - Sve od Pekinške Patke

Since my last two posts were about bands from Novi Sad I thought I'd continue with that subject. Pekinška Patka (Beijing Duck) are one of the most famous Ex-Yu punk rock bands. I don't know anyone that I've met and who is from Ex-Yu that hasn't heard of this band. This is a "complete discography" type of release, on it you can find both of Pekinška Patka's albums and their 7" single. "Plitka poezija" LP and the "Bila je tako lijepa + Buba-rumba" 7" are punk rock and "Strah od monotonije" LP has a more post-punk/Joy Division style of sound.

PEKINŠKA PATKA [2006] Pekinška Patka

Year: 2006
Label: Multimedia Records
Size: 158 MB / 320 kbps / 7z

01. Poderimo rock
02. Homburg
03. Bolje da nosim kratku kosu
04. Stop stop
05. Budi ružan, pametan i mlad
06. Ori, ori
07. Skakadak
08. Kratkovidi magarac
09. Bela šljiva
10. Ja sam panker u sakou starom
11. Kontracepcija
12. Šta je zbližilo nas
13. Gledaj, ja sam svoj
14. Never My Love
15. Ljubav
16. Za Yoko Ono
17. Bila je tako lijepa
18. Buba-rumba
19. Strah
20. Krug
21. Lica (The Watcher)
22. Sive eminencije I
23. Sive eminencije II
24. Monotonija
25. Neko
26. Apatija

Tracks 01-16 ---> "Plitka poezija" LP, 1980 Jugoton.
Tracks 17-18 ---> "Bila je tako lijepa + Buba-rumba" 7", 1979 Jugoton.
Tracks 19-26 ---> "Strah od monotonije" LP, 1981 Jugoton.



Anonymous said...

Big thanks for this post!!!

Anonymous said...

Novi Sad was, and is, Serbian city, and Pekinska Patka is Serbian band! Why its so hard to mention that fact? Stop being rude, and stop trying to avoid Serbian bands, or even mention they are Serb even if they are!
Gabriel, from Bucuresti, Romania.

Nečista Savjest said...

@ Gabriel - Ehm, if you're referring to the fact I called them Ex-Yugoslavian band instead of calling them Serbian band, I think you are a moron. I was writing about the time when they made the recordings posted on here, and unless history was rewritten and somebody forgot to tell me about it, Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia still existed in late 1970's and early 1980's. Hence, I called them Ex-Yu band in this post. That's all I gotta say about this subject, cos I got better things to do than get dragged in some nationalist debate.