Monday, 21 January 2008

RED ALERT [1993] We've Got The Power

This one comes on Nečista Savjest thanx to my friend Ivo B. who bought this CD during his "second Oi! phaze". Red Alert are an Oi! band that started playing back in the 80’s. This is a reissue of their “We’ve Got The Power” LP from 1983 plus their 7” singles released for No Future Records as bonus tracks. You can check them out at their MySpace page.

RED ALERT [1993] We've Got The Power

Year: 1993
Label: Captain Oi!
Size: 97 MB / 192 kbps / 7z

01. We've Got The Power
02. Crisis
03. Weekend Warfare
04. They Came In Force
05. Rebels In Society
06. Third And Final
07. You've Got Nothing
08. S.P.G.
09. Foreign Affairs
10. Campaign
11. The Art Of Brutality
12. Smash Your Chains
13. Industrial Slide
14. It's Me Boys
15. In Britain
16. Screaming At The Nation
17. Murder Missile
18. Take No Prisoners
19. Empire Of Crime
20. Sell Out
21. City Invasion
22. Negative Reaction
23. There's A Guitar Burning
24. The Dust Has Settled
25. Tranquility
26. All The Way To Glory
27. The Revolution Will Come
28. Cast Iron's Crusade


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