Monday, 21 January 2008

NAUSEA [1993] Extinction The Second Coming

Nausea is a band from New York City. They started playing in the late 80’s. They have mixed female and male vocals. This release is a reissue of their “Extinction” LP released back in the 1990 by Profane Existence/Meantime Records, their “Cybergod” 7” released in 1991 for Allied Recordings and their “Lie Cycle” 7” released for Graven Image Records. For all of you wanting to know more about Nausea there’s an excellent official Nausea web site where you can find more info than I can give you here, with their discography, interviews, lyrics, biography, etc., an article about them on Wikipedia and a discography list on Discogs.

NAUSEA [1993] Extinction The Second Coming

Year: 1993
Label: Selfless Records
Size: 144 MB / 320 kbps / 7z

01. Tech-No-Logic-Kill
02. Inherit The Wasteland
03. Johnny Got His Gun
04. Self Destruct
05. Butchers
06. Sacrifice
07. Godless
08. Clutches
09. Extinction
10. Battened
11. Blackened Dove
12. Void
13. Cybergod
14. Body Of Christ
15. Here Today
16. Lie Cycle
17. Fallout
18. Right To Live
19. Blood & Circus


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