Monday, 14 January 2008

DISORDER [1994] Live In Oslo + Violent World

First time I saw and heard Disorder was sometime in 1990-1991 while watching a VHS of “UK/DK” movie that was made back in 1983. They played their song “Life” and later sat at their squat drinking cider and talking about the crap they encounter in their lives. I liked them instantly. For those who want to know more, there’s a short info and a partial discography to be found on Wikipedia and on a Kill From The Heart.

DISORDER [1994] Live In Oslo + Violent World

Year: 1994
Label: Anagram Records
Size: 84 MB / 192 kbps / 7z

01. Complete Disorder
02. Daily Life
03. More Than Fights
04. Remembrance Day
05. Maternal Obsession
06. Bent Edge
07. Provocated Wars
08. God Nose
09. Education
10. Driller Killer
11. Prisoners Of Conscience + Stagnation
12. Life
13. The Rampton Song
14. After
15. Fuck Your Nationality
16. Out Of Order
17. The Rhino Song
18. Driller Killer
19. Intro
20. Every Ate Seconds
21. Another Fight Another Gig
22. Gods Are Born In The U.$.A.
23. I Don’t Like War
24. Joleen
25. Für Elise
26. Health Hazard (live)
27. Todays World (live)
28. Violent World
29. Dope Not Pope
30. Distortion Till U Vomit
31. Take What You Need
Tracks 01-18 taken from “Live In Oslo” recorded live at Blitz, Oslo 24.05.1985.
Tracks 19-31 taken from “Violent World” recorded 31.10.1988. (Halloween) at Bootleg, Oslo (tracks 26 & 27 recorded live at Bootleg).
DISORDER people: Steve - guitar, Taff - bass/vocals, Kenneth - drums (Jaak - drums on “Todays World”)



Petar said...

world najbolji disorder.
pozdrav care, jel znaš hu iz hijr??:)

kaotična duša said...

ovo je zaista super blog.zanima me da li se može jedan mali request ovdje?:)nigdje nema nista od rupe u zidu pa ako može...

Nečista Savjest said...

Za Petra: pa... razmišljam... hmmm, hmmm, da nije možda Gera??

Za Kaotičnu dušu:
Hvala na pohvalama. Može request, ali nažalost nemam ništa od Rupe u zidu. Probaj s Corpus Delicti blogom, Kktz ima hrpu stvari za koje ja nisam nikad ni čuo...

Petar said...

živjo legendo.

suiseiseki said...