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Legendary Oi! punk band from city of Novi Sad in Vojvodina, part of todays Srbija (Republic Of Serbia). They started playing back in 1984 and made two demos that I've put together here as one release. They played gigs in Novi Sad, Beograd (Belgrade) and Ljubljana, one gig was with famous B.G.K. from Netherlands (Holland). They're not active any more but they're still very popular, just one of the examples being a cover of their song "Terorizam protiv dosade" (Terrorism Against Boredom) by a band called Fakofbolan (F.O.B.) from Pula in Hrvatska (Croatia) on F.O.B.'s "Jedini dokaz" (The Only Proof) album released back in 1998. My personal favourites are songs "Sudije" (or "Judges" in English, with excellent chorus that goes: "Vi ste naše sudije, vi ste naši dželati... / You are our judges, you are our executioners..."), "Maska" (The Mask) and the above mentioned "Terorizam protiv dosade".
Update on 24.01.2008.: If you're interested in 2 Minuta Mržnje, go to Kktz's Corpus Delicti blog, he recently put up their 2nd demo, but as a 7" EP called "Došao je kraj" which was released by No Time To Be Wasted Records from Beograd (Belgrade) in Serbia. The quality of that recoding is much better than of the one I've put up here.
Update on 19.03.2009.: I have spoken too soon when I said that 2 Minuta Mržnje were now an inactive band. In 2008 they released an album called "Moderna Omladina" for SKC Novi Sad.

2 MINUTA MRŽNJE [1985] 1st + 2nd Demo

Year: 1985
Label: ---no label---
Size: 32 MB / vbr ~192 kbps / 7z

01. Sudije
02. Maska
03. Moderna omladina
04. Zašto
05. Terorizam protiv dosade
06. Crni Mercedes
07. Došao je kraj


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