Monday, 21 January 2008

Nečista Savjest files on Badongo (NOT ANY MORE!!!)

I've found this file hosting service called Badongo, they say it's free and that it has no limits for uploading so I'll be using them for hosting my files for now. I've tried it out and the thing works OK, although it's a little bit more complicated than DivShare. Well, I hope that it will be working without to much trouble for all of you who are downloading stuff from this blog.
Bye for now!
News as of 24.01.2008.: Badongo sucks big way! I'm not uploading on that file hosting service any more. It's crap, I've managed to upload 3 files without problems, but after that I've been trying to upload stuff for last couple of days and it was a total failure. Connection broke many times when I was at 90%, and when I finally managed to upload something it was all screwed up (i.e. a 100 MB file was fucked up and Badongo showed that it has only 4 MB! What the fuck???). So, simply, big F.O.A.D. to Badongo! I'm not using them any more, and from my own irritating experience (wasted both time and nerves) I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Fuck you Badongo!!!

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