Monday, 21 January 2008

DRILLER KILLER [1998] Reality Bites

Driller Killer are a pretty brutal band from Sweden. I bought this one on their gig in Močvara club in Zagreb where I went to see them cos I heard that some of the Driller Killer people were in Anti Cimex. I wasn’t disappointed, the gig was great. They are still playing, and they have their official Driller killer page, MySpace page and there’s an article on Wikipedia about them.

DRILLER KILLER [1998] Reality Bites

Year: 1998
Label: Osmose Productions
Size: 114 MB / 224 kbps / 7z

01. Scream Suffer Die
02. God Forgives
03. ...The Phanatix
04. Count Me Out
05. Where The Sun Never Shines
06. Mad Bad 'N' Pissed
07. No Reason To Quit
08. The Scum That Rules
09. From One Hell To Another
10. Rise Above (Black Flag)
11. Cash Flow Zero
12. Doomed From The Start
13. Fear Today Gun Tomorrow
14. Don't Point
15. Live


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