Thursday, 26 March 2009

P.A.I.N. FEATURING HOWARD MARKS [1999] Let Me Grow More Weed CD Single

What is there to say about this release? For info on the band (P.A.I.N.) you can check my previous post about them and well, Howard Marks should not be a stranger to anyone smoking the sweet ganja. I enjoy this release greatly, if only for a dull hum of Howard saying “Grow More Weed”. For an ignorant few of you Howard Marks is a biggest ganja dealer ever in British history, he got screwed (I almost wrote screweed) over by Americans and served time in them Nazi American jails. He has an autobiography out called “Mr. Nice” which I actually bought while visiting Amsterdam's Marihuana Museum (and also most probably payed for it more than I really should have, but excuse me, this is my lonely bragging rights times). And I read that bloody book, it is a good book, giving you a lot of insight in how the things work in this world of ours so it is highly recommended read. Enjoy the release, enjoy the weed, enjoy the book, and please, please, GROW MORE WEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw, I think this still might be available at Iron Man Records so check there for your original! And let me Grow More Weed!!! Yep, they've got me with that catch phrase!
Info stuff: Iron Man Records, Iron Man MySpace, Howard Marks Official site, Wikipedia (Howard Marks).
Re-uploaded on 2012-12-14.

P.A.I.N. FEATURING HOWARD MARKS [1999] Let Me Grow More Weed (CD Single)

Year: 1999
Label: Iron Man Records

Size: 79 MB / FLAC / 7z / DL

01. Let Me Grow More Weed
02. P.A.I.N.
03. Road Rage

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