Thursday, 26 March 2009

MONKHOUSE + STRIKNIËN DC [1996] Glue Bag + ...From The Dead Room split CD

This is a split CD from two really good Irish bands: Monkhouse from Belfast (and their “Glue Bag” bit) and Strikniën DC from Dublin (with their “...From The Dead Room”). I am at a loss with what to write here, not only cos I find both bands to be awesome, but also cos there is no info to be found on them on the CIA spy web (aka Internet). I know nothing more about both of the bands except that Monkhouse are now called Thee Radicals and that Strikniën DC had beside this release two albums called “Ghettoblaster” and “Horses For Courses” and a 7'' called “Songs From A Smack Cradle”. Through some whispering in dark corners of punk scene I heard a rumor that someone from Strikniën DC might have been in legendary Irish punk band Paranoid Visions, but I can't say with certainty that this is true. If any Irish punks have more info on both of the bands it would be much appreciated!
Info stuff: MySpace (Monkhouse).
Re-uploaded on 2012-12-14.

MONKHOUSE + STRIKNIËN DC [1996] Glue Bag + ...From The Dead Room split CD

Year: 1996
Label: Rejected Records
Size: 152 MB / 320 kbps / 7z / DL

01. Monkhouse - Kill Yr Parents
02. Monkhouse - Notting Like You

03. Monkhouse - In My Mind
04. Monkhouse - For A Day
05. Monkhouse - Poor Joe
06. Monkhouse - Something
07. Monkhouse - Leeches
08. Monkhouse - Fashion Mags
09. Monkhouse - Freaks
10. Monkhouse - Wasted Day
11. Monkhouse - Can't Say
12. Monkhouse - Who's Foolin Who
13. Monkhouse - Hypocrite
14. Monkhouse - Generation Of Nothing

15. Strikniën DC - Don't Let It Happen
16. Strikniën DC - Hyprocisy
17. Strikniën DC - Duplicate
18. Strikniën DC - Strangers
19. Strikniën DC - Crassified
20. Strikniën DC - Running Wild
21. Strikniën DC - Entertainment
22. Strikniën DC - Drugs Crisis
23. Strikniën DC - Decaying World
24. Strikniën DC - Words From The Prophet


spewbuntu said...

Aye, you're accurate with all your info there. Some of the other members of Striknien DC were also involved in Skint, Blood or Whiskey and many other bands. Here's a link to their Last FM page

I think some of the members of Monkhouse were also involved in Steeky and possibly Runnin' Riot, although I might be wrong about that.

Just came across this site today which has an archive of some of the recordings from the Irish punk scene over the years, you might find it interesting:

Also the link you have to the Rejected Records site is a different Rejected Records to the Irish one that released the Monkhouse / Striknien DC album.

Nečista Savjest said...

A lot of thanx for your info spewbuntu! It's much appreciated, and yes, you're right, the link for Rejected Records was the link for the wrong Rejected Records so I removed it. Thanx once more for your comments!

Karl Bakla said...

I picked this up years ago at Headline Records & instantly fell in love with this. I think some of the kids who dig Leftover Crack would love this disc! I wonder if it was ever released on vinyl....

bohsgerry said...

yer man dekko was in striknein dc and is in paranoid visions.other good oi bands are the jollars(cork),section 4(ballina),ructions(dublin),freebooters(dublin)septic pussy(dublin)dubtones(dublin)pocket billiards(belfast),lobotomies(belfast),hooligan(dublin),stauntons grave(cork)etc etc etc