Sunday, 10 May 2009

KRVAVI MANDAT [199x] Krvavi mandat (cass)

I have given some info about this band in my previous post, but here it goes again. Krvavi Mandat were a legendary crust/punk band from Zagreb. They played in the second part of the 1990's. I have seen them on gigs from which I have this one funny memory of how while they played it always looked to me like the singer and guitarist will have a fist fight on stage. This is a tape which is a sort of discography of Krvavi Mandat. It has their 2 demos (songs 01-08 are from 1st demo, and songs 09-18 are from the 2nd demo). The tape was released somewhere around 1999 I guess, I am not quite sure of the year, sorry but my memory is sometimes very bad with remembering the exact dates, or years...
The tape was released by DHP-AK47 label/distro, I am also not sure if it had a booklet with it, I was unable to find it in my stack of zines and booklets, but if I manage to dig it up someday, I will post it on here too.
Info stuff: DHP-AK47 @ MySpace.

Re-uploaded on 2012-12-10.

KRVAVI MANDAT [199x] Krvavi mandat (cass)

Year: 199x
Label: DHP-AK47
Size: 91 MB / 320 kbps / 7z / DL

01. Patrijarhalno smeće

02. Patnja umjesto života
03. Konformista
04. Bog i Hrvati
05. Lažovizija
06. Kroatizacija
07. Birokracija
08. Multiuboice
09. Znanstvenik
10. Tiha većina
11. Glupi fašista

12. Jebene budale
13. Homofobija
14. Kristalno jasno
15. Šume - stotine jutara
16. ABC
17. Stereoidni tipovi
18. Rat zbog hira idiota

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Anonymous said...

hej pozz ;)
postoji onako mali papiric s textovima...ja sam ga isto imao ali prilikom posudivanja kazete frendu on je izgubio. bilo bi super ako mozes naci ;)