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INTOXICATE [2006] Toxic Years

I have posted Intoxicate on Nečista Savjest before, it was their split tape with Radikalna Promjena which you can check out here. They are a crust band from a town of Samobor in Croatia and they play this dirty, darkish crust. I have seen Intoxicate live on several occasions, and it was a great (and very drunk) experience. The band is no longer active, and this release is a sort of discography cd of theirs. Some people involved in Intoxicate went on to play in bands like True and Johann Wolfgang Pozoj, so it looks like Samobor scene is still going on pretty good. Cheers to folks from Samobor!
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INTOXICATE [2006] Toxic Years

Year: 2006
Label: Twisted Justice
Size: 109 MB / 320 kbps
01. Life
02. Amen
03. Death Machine (brzo)
04. Breath Of Eternity
05. Intoxicate II
06. Death Machine (sporo)
07. Deep 1
08. Deep 2
09. Crucifix
10. War
11. Modern World
12. Outro
13. Intoxicate I
14. Empty Minded
15. Blue Fuckers
16. Multinationals
17. Joža Kraster
18. Human Stench
19. War
20. Church Of Hate
21. Freedom
22. Modern Technology

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Toxik Boys said...

Really i prefer Akutt Inleggelse, but this is killer too