Thursday, 22 November 2007

This society needs a Radical Change!!!

I used to be friends with people from this band Radikalna Promjena (or Radical Change in English). They were one of the best anarcho-punk bands in the second half of the '90 in Hrvatska, I really liked them a lot (and I still do). They moved on to a different style of music and now are in a band called Radikal Dub Kolektiv (Radical Dub Collective). They recently released their second album called "Bass Matters" on Universal Egg label run by a guy from Zion Train. This is never released album from Radikalna Promjena just before they disbanded so check it out.


Year: 2000
Label: Radikalna Promjena - D.I.Y.
Size: 37 MB / 224 kbps / 7z

01. No pasaran
02. Okvir za mržnju
03. Farma nojeva
04. Dogma Man
05. Diskonekcija
06. Dehumanizacija
07. Papir, plastika, šminka i depresija
08. Protestna
09. Mi živimo u zemlji Kodak trenutka
10. Intermezzo
11. Jingl


If you like them, and if you're interested in their reggae/dub stuff that they do now, check them at:

or their MySpace page.

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