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1980's Hardcore/Punk

I was too young (or maybe too ignorant) to listen to any of these bands when they originally came out, but I had the luck of knowing a guy who needed money when he was in his recreational junkie phase and who sold me this 7" EPs cheaply. I got hooked on them (Punk, Not Junk!!) cos the bands were fast, angry and exciting.
Raped Teenagers are from Sweden, this is their first 7" EP. I couldn't understand a word of what they were singing (or better said - screaming) about, but they kicked ass. I later bought their "I Kräftans Klor" album and it was a bit different (more melodic maybe) than the first 7" but still definitely a Raped Teenagers record. I have to admit that I don't understand why this band isn't more popular, I rarely see their stuff mentioned when people write about Swedish hardcore/punk bands. I think it's not fair so check them out, you won't be sorry!!!
Scraps are from a town of Lille, France, and are also one of my favourite bands. You can guess what their views are by looking at the song titles like "Le Pen Fuck You" or "Make Noise, Not Music". Unfortunately I don't understand much French so I don't know a lot about this band except from what I was able to decipher from their 7" records sleeves.
Senseless Death is a 7" compilation of U.S. hardcore bands released by Nuclear Blast Records from Germany. My favourite band is Impulse Manslaughter (also very good songs by Psycho and AMQA). Impulse Manslaughter are my ultimate American HC band. I think they're from Chicago, but don't trust me a 100% on this information. I also have their "He Who Laughs Last... Laughs Alone" LP, but unfortunately it has been ruined by too much scratches and so making it impossible to rip from (I bought it second hand, and listened to it quite a lot, and then recklessly borrowed it to some idiotic people - NEVER BORROW YOUR VINYL!! - people are careless pigs!). If anyone has a link to anywhere where I could get that LP please let me know!!!
All releases in this post are vinyl rips, so they're not perfect...

RAPED TEENAGERS [1985] Jag Gillar... 7''

Year: 1985
Label: Raped Teenagers - D.I.Y.
Size: 21 MB / 224 kbps / 7z

01. Intro + Gubbar
02. Malet
03. Funktioner
04. Kontrollerad
05. Oh, Baby
06. Matriel Kultur
07. Sveriges Utveckling
08. Bedövad
09. Pusrad
10. Pengar Till Vad
11. O.S.
12. Ställ Dig I Din Kö Ko
13. Granquist
14. Tomma Ord


RAPED TEENAGERS [1988] I Kräftans Klor

Year: 1988
Label: Chickenbrain Records
Size: 50 MB / 224 kbps / 7z

01. I Kräftans Klor
02. Svara Ann
03. Fröet
04. Fängslad
05. ...
06. Pusselbitar
07. Kul Regn
08. Tyst-Höst
09. Sill I Dill
10. 40-Ärskristen
11. Arbetarens Tankar
12. ...
13. Iskalla Blickar
14. Tegel, Tegel Pa Väggen Dar
15. Skylten
16. ...


SCRAPS [1986] Apartheid 7''

Year: 1986
Label: Scraps - D.I.Y.
Size: 18 MB / 192 kbps / 7z

01. Desarme ou creve
02. Apartheid
03. Dieu doit crever
04. Le Pen Fuck You
05. Make Noise, Not Music
06. Alcolos


SCRAPS [1987] Aaargh!!! 7''

Year: 1987
Label: Scraps - D.I.Y.
Size: 13 MB / 192 kbps / 7z

01. Dubeauf s'en va t'en guerre
02. Au service de la loi (Les meurtriers sont rois!!)
03. Macho klan!
04. Major Shits
05. I Hate Memories
06. Es lebe der tod


VA - Senseless Death 7'' [1989]

Year: 1989
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Size: 21 MB / 224 kbps / 7z

01. AMQA - Faceplant
02. AMQA - Big Fat Muffin
03. AMQA - Babysitter
04. Condemned - Emotional Blurr
05. Impulse Manslaughter - Vomitheads
06. Impulse Manslaughter - Lies
07. Sea Monkeys - Yukmouth
08. Sea Monkeys - Zombie Dismemberment
09. Psycho - Meat Market


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