Sunday, 3 June 2012

In Medias Res #00 - #03

OK, got some zines to share. And to start things off... What else to use but (in my honest opinion) one of the most influential zines on the Croatian scene during the 1990's. "In Medias Res" brings back a lot of memories, scanning this stuff was a real trip back through time, almost like riding shotgun in that DeLorean Marty McFly was driving in "Back To Future" movies. I personally know Marko S. who made this zine, I was even involved in making of some issues (early ones - there's even an interview with me in issue #04 I think) and this zine was always a good read. I waited impatiently for every issue to come out, sometimes dreading the "Drunk as fuck" photo section as my pics were there almost regularly. What made "IMR"  different from other zines? Well, I always loved Marko's ability to give me some interesting reading material, I loved his travel reports, I loved his band interviews as he always had some weird bands he thought us drunk punks could get introduced to... This zine made me think I was not alone, made me feel a part of this worldwide punk/anarchist "movement" or "brotherhood" and I will forever be grateful to Marko for making me feel that way. RESPECT!!!
I suppose I'll need to write some info about the zine itself so here it goes... It first appeared in 1993 and kept on going till the 2000 (or around that year) which definitely makes it one of the longest running Croatian fanzines (there was "Warhead" zine done by Goc from Apatridi band that could maybe compete with "IMR" in terms of longevity but I think "IMR" had a lot more issues released). You could say the zine is kind of Marko's personal diary of sorts, it's not trying to be a punk magazine, it's about stuff that he found interesting. These 4 issues I'm posting here are the beginnings, released during 1993-1994. These issues look silly now, the design is pretty crude, the contents are almost "childish", just some rants done by a guy in his bedroom, and that's how it was actually made I suppose, but you need to take one thing into account. 1993-1994 were war years here in Croatia, we had a nazi president (fucking Franjo Tuđman, may he burn in hell for ages to come, and then burn some more, and all his family should get cancer, oh, OK, you get it, I hate the dead fucker), and there was no internet like today, so all information about anything other than the state sponsored news was hard to get. "IMR" came out and it was something new, it was punk in a way that it made people think "Damn, I can do this too!". I'll say it again, "Thank you Marko!" cos you made one part of my life a little bit more brighter and interesting.
Marko went to do other stuff in publishing, and if you're interested in what he's doing/publishing now check the link below.
Info stuff: Što čitaš?.
Re-uploaded on 2012-12-02.

In Medias Res #00 (A5, 12 pgs, Croatian, 20.2 MB, cbz) - DL

In Medias Res #01 (A5, 24 pgs, Croatian, 37.5 MB, cbz) - DL

In Medias Res #02 (A5, 28 pgs, Croatian, 39.8 MB, cbz) - DL

In Medias Res #03 (A5, 24 pgs, Croatian, 31.3 MB, cbz) - DL


BruceX said...

e puno ti hvala za ovo,prefakinjebeno

Anonymous said...

hvala na ovoliko pohvala u postu, nekad se baš nasmijem kad vidim ove stare brojeve, a i kasniji znaju izmamiti smijeh :-)
inače, upravo radim imr #22, kad već nikad nije "službeno" prestao izlaziti, evo nakon 6 godina novi broj. ljetni. znaš već, daj litricu-dvije i to :-)


Anonymous said...

preko čega da otvorim file kad ga skinem?

Nečista Savjest said...

@ anon - ili nabavi neki comic book reader program, ima ih džaba na netu, samo ih potraži u Google-u ili preimenuj file nastavak iz cbz u zip i otpakiraj i dobiješ folder sa jpg-ovima.