Monday, 27 October 2008

VERBALNI DELIKT [1997] Od verbalnog protesta do otvorenog sukoba (cass)

Second tape by Croatian anarcho legends Verbalni Delikt, called "From Verbal Protest To Open Conflict", this time dealing with mainly anti-authoritarian stuff spiced up with anger about Samobor "riot" (on 31.10.1995.) when special police beaten up and terrorized punx and "normal" youths without mercy after a broken up gig (some 200+ people were arrested). I have written about this band in my previous post so check that for more info. This release also came with a booklet, with lyrics translations and explanations of them in English and it's included in the download folder.
Info stuff: DHP-AK47 distro & label MySpace.

Re-uploaded on 2012-12-14.

VERBALNI DELIKT [1997] Od verbalnog protesta do otvorenog sukoba (cass)
Year: 1997
Label: self released - D.I.Y.
Size: 50 MB / 320 kbps / 7z / DL

01. Ovca
02. Protiv napretka
03. Droga je ropstvo
04. Zaustavimo policijsko nasilje
05. Medijska manipulacija
06. Ekologija
07. Bijes

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SoBS said...

Thank you for this.a great band and hard to find.