Monday, 27 October 2008

VA - Benefit za Infoshop (cass) [1999]

This compilation tape was released as a benefit (hence the title) for Attack's Infoshop. Attack (short for Autonomna Tvornica Kulture or Autonomous Culture Factory) was this non-profit organization, almost a coalition of different groups and individuals formed back in 1997 (I think, cos memories are somewhat blurred). Infoshop was a fun part of it all, one could drink a proper coffee there, buy zines (and steal them as many assholes have done), talk to kind and friendly bartenders (who are also responsible for making this tape possible) and generally kill time with a feeling of making a difference. Attack exists even now, it is not dead yet, but to tell you the truth, I have not been involved in it for a long long time, and I have no clue in what it turned out into and I don't really want to know. Well, enough about memories of past times, the tape is mainly Croatian bands, with a few exceptions (Autonomy, Wat Tyler, Phill Hutchings...), music is varied, ranging from dirty punk and anarchist hardcore to some experimental type of music, it is really hard to describe it all. I must warn you that the quality of recordings is pretty low cos most bands donated either live or demo tracks.
Info stuff: Attack.
Re-uploaded on 2012-12-14.

VA - Benefit za Infoshop (cass) [1999]

Year: 1999
Label: Crustafari Productions / Inercija / Attack Infoshop
Size: 143 MB / 320 kbps / 7z / DL

01. S.P.K. - Stop Fights On Gigs
02. Gone Bald - Srca šum
03. Autonomy - Autonomy
04. Pessimistic Lines - A Woman
05. AK-47 - Crno-crvene brigade
06. Wat Tyler - New Life
07. Dislike - Victims Of Progress
08. Slonica Slavica - Đungla
09. Krvavi Mandat - Homofobija
10. T.R.B.U.H. - Tech-No-T.R.B.U.H. (Kill)
11. D.N.S. - Turkish Taxi
12. Phill Hutchings - A Song
13. Sprovod - Those Who Believe Shall Die
14. Loš Primjer - Ugrožena vrsta
15. Demant - Bolesni umovi
16. Šumski - Bolivija
17. Jabbatzuga - Šljakerska
18. Antifrik - Nemam vremena
19. Senseless - Rakija (Doom cover)
20. Radikalna Promjena - Dogma Man
21. Nula - Put
22. Kvalitetni Disko Bend Šuma - (Đeri Haso) Disko pastir


SoBS said...

Do you know if the band Sprovod released any albums or demos?If you have something from them please upload when you have the time.Great blog, best wishes from romania

Nečista Savjest said...

Hi SoBS, sorry for my late reply, "Recent Comment" widget isn't working properly so i have not seen your comment... Well, I don't have any solo release by Sprovod, maybe only on some other compilation, I think you should ask Kukatz from Corpus Delicti blog (link to it is under "Other Cool Sites") as he is from Požega, the same town as Sprovod, if any one knows or has some f their releases it is him. And if I do find something from them I will be sure to post it... Thanx for your best wishes and nice words.

Analizator said...

Pozdrav iz Sarajeva, super su ove tri kasetne kompilacije sto si objavio, bas ima fenomenalnih stvari, taman da nadjemo neke nove bendove, ja sam mladja generacija postovaoca buke :)

Pozdrav iz Sarajeva,


Nečista Savjest said...

Hej hvala, pozdrav Sarajevu!