Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Tapes are here... Oops, is it already the end of May?

Hi to everyone!
Again some new posts on Nečista Savjest blog. I was trying to organize some ripping from cassettes, and I finally succeeded! I managed to get a digital preamplifier so some rarities or/and legendary releases from Ex-YU scene (and some other ones too) are gonna be featured next. I have to warn you that quality of those Ex-YU releases (production and sound) are not always the best. During the 1990's when I was involved in the scene tapes were the main way of getting your music to people, since vinyl or CDs weren't accessible (or better said affordable). Most of the tapes releases were recorded in a garage or some other practice place, or in some “cheap” (read: not very well equipped) studio and they were multiplied on home stereos, copied to blank tapes or even on used ones. Only later in 1990's really professionally copied tapes appeared and after that home computers and cheap CD-Rs have done their work (and mp3s too) so spreading of punk became much easier.
Well I hope you'll enjoy what I planned to upload and thanx to everyone who left a comment, I have not posted on this blog, but I have been watching your input and I thank you all once more.
Good blogs that I've found recently are viva la anarquia (in French) and Sabots & Songs (done by Luc(a)s from USA). Go and check them out, I think they're worth it!
That's all from me, and... crap... it really is the end of May... I misplaced one month... somewhere... where did it go... damn... I'll never drink again!

Happy Victory Day over Nazi scums to you all!

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