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The Mob

This is another one of those classical anarcho-punk bands from beginning of the 80's. Their "Let The Tribe Increase" was released in 1982 by All The Madmen Records. You can find info on them on Kill From The Heart and Wikipedia.

MOB, THE [1995] Let The Tribe Increase

Year: 1982 / 1995 reissue
Label: All The Madmen Records / Broken Rekids
Size: 163 MB / 320 kbps / 7z

01. Another Day, Another Death
02. Cry Of A Morning
03. Dance On (You Fool)
04. Prison
05. Slaved
06. Our Life Our World
07. Gates Of Hell
08. I Wish
09. Never Understood
10. Roger
11. Witch Hunt
12. Crying Again
13. Youth
14. Witch Hunt
15. Shuffling Souls
16. No Doves Fly Here
17. I Hear You Laughing
18. Mirror Breaks
19. Stay
20. What's Going On
(1982 All The Madmen Records, 1995 reissued by Broken Rekids)



Originally released back in 1982 by Rough Trade this is a Rugger Bugger/GAP Recordings reissue of their album + the singles. Zounds were a late discovery for me cos before this reissue I wasn't able to get any of their stuff. I knew they existed by reading zines and listening to older punks stories so I was quite excited when I bought this release and I wasn't wrong. Lyrics are great, and the music is very good anarcho-punk with dark atmosphere. If you want to know more about them there is a Zounds web page and there's a new reissue of this release available from Active Distribution.

ZOUNDS [1993] The Curse Of Zounds + Singles

Year: 1993
Label: Rugger Bugger / GAP Recordings
Size: 171 MB / 320 kbps / 7z

01. War + Subvert
02. Can't Cheat Karma
03. Demystification
04. Great White Hunter
05. Fear
06. Did He Jump
07. Little Bit More
08. This Land
09. New Band
10. Dirty Squatters
11. Loads Of Noise
12. Target + Mr. Disney + War
13. Dancing
14. True Love
15. More Trouble
16. Knife
17. Biafra
18. Not Me
19. Fear
20. Wolves
(1993 Gap Recordings/Rugger Bugger)


ZOUNDS [2002] This Land + Alone EP

Year: 2002
Label: Rugger Bugger
Size: 13 MB / 192 kbps / 7z

01. This Land
02. Alone
(2002 Rugger Bugger)


James Brook & Ecowar

James Brook is a guy from Australia. I was first introduced to his music and "Resist Is To Win" CD by MarkoS (In Medas Res fanzine) and ripped it cos I liked what I heard (didn't scan the covers – sorry!). On this release he sounds like a punk version of Billy Bragg, dealing with subjects like politics, squatting, sex, wandering around… Ecowar are James Brook with Ernie, a girl from Netherlands (Holland). I saw Ecowar playing in a place called Attack in Zagreb, back in 1998. At that gig I bought their self-titled CD I've put up in this post. Both James Brook and Ecowar have web sites so you can check them here: James Brook, Ecowar.

JAMES BROOK [1996] Resist Is To Win

Year: 1996
Label: James Brook - D.I.Y.
Size: 95 MB / 224 kbps / 7z

01. Izzie
02. Richmond Eviction
03. Jackies Marsh
04. Blockade
05. Who Ruined The Country
06. Pain In My Cock
07. Homazecksuality
08. Falling Of The World
09. Salty Song
10. Spliff In Brighton
11. Sad Ain't Bad
12. City Towers
13. Didn't I Tell Ya
14. Lock It Down
15. Log Dump
16. Resist Is To Win
17. Maleny Days
(1996 James Brook/D.I.Y.)


ECOWAR [1998] Ecowar

Year: 1998
Label: Ecowar - D.I.Y.
Size: 47 MB / 192 kbps / 7z

01. Stand On Our Feet
02. Food Off The Ground
03. Eco War
04. Immigration Song
05. Dance Fashion Punkies
06. Blow The Man Down
07. Smazeny Syr
08. Rakka Rakka
09. Tell Me Why
10. 36 37 38 39
11. Capitulation Day
12. Life Hurts
(1998 Ecowar/D.I.Y.)



What's there to say about Crass? I love them, they changed my life and stuff like that, I suppose… When I first heard them, it was while I was in high school, sometime back in 1990-1991. Vedran K. borrowed their "The Feeding Of The 5000" LP from a guy called Mihun, and we listened to it quite excitedly. They were something different from bands like The Exploited, U.K. Subs, G.B.H., various Oi!/punk bands that we listened to at that time. They even had a song called "Punk Is Dead"! And I've spent all that time writing "Punk's not dead" slogan on walls and school benches and in my notebooks… Fortunately, since it was an original LP, I had a chance to make photocopies of the record cover and sleeve and had more time to analyze the lyrics. I found them great, sort of cynical "we-are-more-moral-than-you" type of lyrics pointed at the people who pretended to be more moral then the rest of us (church, government, school, army, etc.) in which they said things I could personify with. Like the lyrics for "Banned From The Roxy" that go: "Oh yes they say it's defence, they say it's decency, / Mai Lai, Hiroshima, know what I mean? / The same fucking lies with depressing frequency, / They say "We had to do it to keep our lives clean" / Well whose life? Whose fucking life? / Who the fuck are they talking to? / Whose life? Whose fucking life? / I tell you one thing, it ain't me and you." The war in Hrvatska (Croatia) was just starting and I could really identify with Crass and above said/shouted things. More I learned about them, more I liked them. So this are their releases that I got on CDs, and if you want to know more there's a Wikipedia article on them, a very good Southern Records pages on them and you can get some of Crass' stuff from Active Distribution (Christ – The Bootleg CD and more).

CRASS [1978] The Feeding Of The 5000

Year: 1978
Label: Crass Records
Size: 44 MB / 192 kbps / 7z

01. Asylum
02. Do They Owe Us A Living?
03. End Result
04. They've Got A Bomb
05. Punk Is Dead
06. Reject Of Society
07. General Bacardi
08. Banned From The Roxy
09. G's Song
10. Fight War, Not Wars
11. Women
12. Securicor
13. Sucks
14. You Pay
15. Angels
16. What A Shame
17. So What
18. Well? ...Do They?
(1978 Crass Records)

Steve Ignorant - lead vocals.
Eve Libertine - voice on “Asylum”.
Joy De Vivre - voice on “Women”.
Phil Free - lead guitar, backing vocals.
N.A. Palmer - rhythm guitar, backing vocals.
Pete Wright - bass, vocals on “Securicor”, “Sucks”, “You Pay”.
Penny Rimbaud - drums, radio.
G - artwork.
Recorded live at Southern Studios, London 29.10.1978.
All songs written and produced by Crass.
Engineered by John Loder.


CRASS [1981] Penis Envy

Year: 1981
Label: Crass Records
Size: 78 MB / 320 kbps / 7z

01. Bata Motel
02. Systematic Death
03. Poison In A Pretty Pill
04. What The Fuck
05. Where Next Columbus
06. Berkertex Bribe
07. Smother Love
08. Health Surface
09. Dry Weather
10. Our Wedding
(1981 Crass Records)

Eve Libertine – lead vocals.
Joy De Vivre – lead vocals on “Health Surface”.
Phil Free – lead guitar.
B.A. Nana – rhythm guitar.
Pete Wright - bass.
Penny Rimbaud – drums.
Gee – harmonium on “What The Fuck”.
Members of Crass not on this recording – Steve Ignorant.
Recorded at Southern Studios, London, December 1980.
Engineered by John Loder.
All material written and produced by Crass.
Collages by Gee, design by Crass at Exitstencil Press.


CRASS [1983] Yes Sir, I Will

Year: 1983
Label: Crass Records
Size: 100 MB / 320 kbps / 7z

01. Yes Sir, I Will
02. Yes Sir, I Will
03. Yes Sir, I Will
04. Yes Sir, I Will
05. Yes Sir, I Will
06. Yes Sir, I Will
07. Yes Sir, I Will
(1983 Crass Records)

Eve Libertine, Steve Ignorant, Joy De Vivre – lead vocals.
Pete Wright – bass.
Phil Free – lead guitar.
N.A. Palmer – rhythm guitar and voice.
Penny Rimbaud – drums and vocals.
Gee – artwork and voice.
Recorded and mixed at Southern Studios, March 1983.
Engineered by John Loder and produced by Crass.


CRASS [1999] Christ - The Bootleg

Year: 1999
Label: Active Distribution
Size: 108 MB / 320 kbps / 7z

01. The Falklands (Introduction)
02. Yes Sir, I Will
03. Nineteen Eighty Bore
04. Don't Get Caught
05. Mother Earth
06. Mother Love
07. Smash The Mac
08. Bata Motel
09. Darling
10. Poison In A Pretty Pill
11. Gotcha
12. Big A Little A
13. Yes Sir, I Will
14. Major General Despair
15. Take It As Entertainment
16. You're Already Dead
(1999 Active Distribution)

Recorded live on 5/2/1984 during Crass' last tour. This CD is a reissue of the Allied Recordings CD that was itself a reissue of a vinyl-only LP released in 1989 (limited to 1,000 copies). It is also now a benefit for the McLibel Campaign in order to help them to continue the fight against McDonalds. (So listen to it after downloading it and go buy it!!!)


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HHH are from Spain and they play really good hardcore. I bought their "Homo Homini Lupus" split LP with Vitu's Dance from Marko V. (Bijesni from Bijes Zdravog Razuma band) sometime between 1994-1996 (can't remember exactly when, I'm not good with years… and names… and places… Guess I've got both short and long-term memory loss, maybe I smoked too much ganja or was it the booze that did it, or occasional glue sniffing in my young days?). I tried to get their other releases but the band was by then (late 1990's) non-functioning and my search was fruitless. You can imagine my happiness when Vedran K. (Mališa is the legend!) got HHH's "Complete Discography 1985-1993" from his friend Phil and showed up with it at my place. I ripped it and scanned the covers so I'm able to put it up here for your enjoyment. I'm sorry that I've given no real info on the band, but there is an info page on Kill From The Heart if you're interested to know more about HHH.
Update on 24.03.2008.: For HHH/Vitu's Dance - (1991) - "Homo Homini Lupus" split LP head over to Röckin' Nöiz. It's a full rip of the LP so you'll get Vitu's Dance side too.

HHH [2001] Complete Discography 1985-1993 CD1

Year: 2001
Label: Ratbone Records / Boisleve / Six Two Five Trashcore
Size: 124 MB / 224 kbps / 7z

01. Intro (flatus vocis)
02. Ministerio de injusticia
03. Vida
04. Borracho
05. Esperanza viva
06. Secuestro de la verdad
07. Entrańas de la patria
08. Prisión confortable
09. Jodida actitud normal
10. Caridad prescindible
11. Sólo palabras
12. Pesadilla
13. Cami ral
14. El heavy no es violencia (y jamás lo será)
15. Mediocre
16. Otro Belfast
17. Blanco o negro
18. Coagulación de tu sangre
19. Al otro lado de las Ramblas
20. El camino más facil
21. Muerte en ignorancia
22. Muero
23. Fuera del rebańo
24. Qué ha pasado?
25. Tiempo
26. Despierta
27. Porcs
28. Estupido pais
29. 90 segundos
30. Chico de movimiento
31. Rabia y rencor
32. HC servicio postal
33. Gnothi sauton
34. Ansiedad
35. Profanación
36. Brindis
37. Sin dirección
38. Odei
39. Algo huele a podrido (y no es precisamente mi culo)
40. El pais de les arrels
41. Mi rollo es el ronx (bleurgg!)
42. Barcelona 92
43. Vota
44. Tchernobyl
45. Victimas del business
46. Reglas
47. Vision condicionada
48. Momentos de guerra
49. Mi ciudad
50. Intelectual Punks
51. Borracho
52. Muertos
53. Viejo pais
54. Pesadilla
55. Insectos
56. Jim
57. Trágico final
58. Mentiras
Tracks 01-14: "Homo Homini Lupus" split LP with VITU'S DANCE (1991 Fobia).
Tracks 15-41: "A Por Ellos...Que Son Muchos Y Estan Super Cachas!!" LP (1990 Potential HC/Fobia).
Tracks 42-50: "Intelectual Punks" 7" EP (1986 Dissonance Records).
Tracks 51-58: unreleased tracks (1986) except "Jim".

HHH [2001] Complete Discography 1985-1993 CD2

Year: 2001
Label: Ratbone Records / Boisleve / Six Two Five Trashcore
Size: 114 MB / 224 kbps / 7z

01. Pedazo de tierra/pedazo de mierda
02. Disparos del poder
03. Amenaza
04. La isla del Dr. Moreau
05. Hambre y dolor
06. Apartheid
07. Fascismo proletario
08. Consume
09. Noche y niebla
10. Paz
11. Dia Feliz
12. Naturaleza
13. Surf & destroy
14. Disciplina militar
15. Cientificos
16. Seguridad social
17. Descarga de 8000 rads
18. Piensa!
19. Los nińos son negocio
20. El Salvador
21. Declaracion de inocencia
22. Collective Depression
23. Memoria d'infamies
24. Blanco o negro
25. Moulding Prototypes
26. Closed Humanity
27. Vota
28. Borracho
29. Esperanza viva
30. Golden Days
31. Ministerio de injusticia
32. Vida
33. Secuestro de la verdad
34. Entrańas de la patria
35. We've Grown
36. Al otro lado de las Ramblas
37. Estupido pais
38. Gnothi sauton
39. Brindis
40. Winds Of Death
41. State Controlled
42. Heading For Ruin
43. Silent Holocaust
44. Vision condicionada
45. Vota
46. Death Forces
47. Outro (stolen from a Buzzcocks song)
Tracks 01-21: "Sin Identidad" demo tape (1985).
Tracks 22-39: live in Banyoles (October 1992).
Tracks 40-47: live in Anoeta (February 1990).


Wat Tyler

This is the one I enjoy listening to very much. They play a mix of everything: punk, metal, pop-punk, rock… The band is named after Wat Tyler, the leader of English Peasants' Revolt of 1381. I was introduced to them by Andrej Č. (Ljubljana-Zalog City Crew) who released theirs "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" album cassette version in this part of the world. I saw them live at No Border Jam festival in Maribor, Slovenia back in 1999 and their performance was for me the best one I saw in two days of the festival. They were funny on stage, playing and acting and telling jokes and entertaining the crowd. Some of their humor is reflected in their CDs covers. As you can see, the cover of "Tummy - Yuppie Shaging Music" is a joke on Portishead's "Dummy" CD cover and the cover for "The Fat Of The Band" is ridiculing Prodigy's "The Fat Of The Land" CD cover. Don't know what they're doing now, but I've found some of their stuff available on Lookout! Records and a MySpace fan page.

WAT TYLER [1992] I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles

Year: 1992
Label: Rugger Bugger / GAP Recordings
Size: 166 MB / 320 kbps / 7z

01. No ID
02. Hops And Barley
03. Heavy Metal Vivisector
04. We Pledge Our Allegiance To Satan
05. Coming Home (Parts One And Two)
06. Regina Coult
07. Johnnys Puppy
08. Bring Me The Head Of Gus Caesar
09. Keith Cassells
10. The Foulmouth Graverobber
11. Decidedly Dodgy
12. The Thrusting Cod Piece
13. Dung Heap
14. Tucker Rap
15. A Public House
16. Interfering With Play
17. Apologies
18. Militant Strike
19. Elm Park Tramp
20. Who's Game?
21. Life In The Toffee Apple
22. The Little People
23. Primeval
24. It Must Be Boring Being In Snuff
25. Young Warriors
26. Directive
27. Sweet Child O' Mine
28. Even Great Men Talk Bollocks
29. Brostitute
30. Why?
31. The Day We Ommed On Next Doors Coffee Table
32. There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He's Saddam
33. Slaughter Of The Little People
34. Terry Fenwicks Leg Takes Crack
35. The Smurf Song
36. Get Down On It
37. The Mindless Slaughter Of The Little People
38. Violent Precinct
39. Billy Bonds Claret And Blue Army
40. It's Football Not Fuckin' Soccer
41. Mr. Punch
42. At The End Of The M1
43. Bat Out Of Surbiton
44. The Resurrected Zombie Little People Kick Arse
45. The Tools Of Satan And The Glorious Army Of The Supreme Soviet (I'm Feeling Mellow)
46. Rainbow
47. The Coachmen
48. Visions Of The Daughters Of Albion
49. Everything I Do
50. Washing Machine
51. 9 To 5
52. There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He's Satan
(Song no. 33 "Slaughter Of The Little People" is, I think, misstitled on the original CD, I guess it's actually called something like "Rude Boy". I left it like it is, cos it's like that on the original CD)


WAT TYLER [1995] Tummy (File Under-Yuppie Shaging Music)

Year: 1995
Label: Rugger Bugger / GAP Recordings
Size: 166 MB / 320 kbps / 7z

01. Justify Your Book
02. Poems On The Underground
03. It Makes Me Belch
04. My Dead Relation
05. Hops And Barley (Acoustic)
06. Coming Home
07. Perry Groves
08. You've Stolen My Heart
09. The Definitive Love Song
10. How Does Ed Cope?
11. Dodgepotterydo
12. Billy Bonds Claret And Blue Army
13. Discipline
14. Not Supersticious
15. James Whale
16. My Dead Relation
17. Rude Girl
18. Ruder Girl
19. Operation Ivy And Don Brennan
20. If The Kids Are United
21. Real Shocks
22. Smells Like Dog Poo
23. Our Wedding
24. 100% Top Quality
25. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
26. Song For Guy Fawkes
27. Masters Of The Universe
28. Fat Wa
29. Fat Wa (Arabic)
30. Four Minute Puzzle
31. Eternal Triangle
32. Profercy
33. Somehow
34. Too Young Too Bitter
35. Played For And Got
36. Big Girls Blouse
37. Wet Wet Wet (The Fucking Bed)
38. Rude Girl
39. The Little People Make Lurve
40. Fuck Pump
41. We Curse You A Wicked Satan
42. Steven Do
43. A Crappy Song For A Crappy Compilation


WAT TYLER [1998] The Fat Of The Band

Year: 1998
Label: Rugger Bugger
Size: 49 MB / 192 kbps / 7z

01. History Of The Soviet Union Part 1 - October
02. Stranglers Hash Party
03. Spice Girls
04. I Am The Cider Drinker
05. Dungeon Master
06. Golden Age
07. Teletubbies
08. Wel Hard Geezer
09. Michael Bolton's Hair
10. Candle With The Wind
11. Fill Your Pants With Fear
12. Knocking On Heaven's Gate
13. Firefighter
14. Chasing Shadows
15. The Poet And The Punk
16. Bad Motha Fucka
17. Bill Clinton Sex Fiend
18. The Vicar And I
19. English Pride
20. Not Deep Enough


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I was introduced to Chumbawamba through their various tracks on all sorts of compilation tapes that circulated around, usually benefit tapes for hunt saboteurs, or some other political causes. Then I've managed to get copies of their first two LPs, "Pictures Of Starving Children Sell Records" and "Never Mind The Ballots" on tape and I was hooked. I liked their mix of melodical tunes and political criticism. It was refreshing, cos at that time I listened to a lot of anarcho-punk bands from 1980's (you can describe Crass in many ways, but being a melodical band isn't one of them) and a lots of Doom, Hiatus, Swedish D-Beat type of stuff… Since I've decided to put up music that I've ripped myself, here you have mostly Chumbawamba albums from the 1990's. There is quite extensive article on Wikipedia about them so if you're interested in them, go check it out.

CHUMBAWAMBA [1990] Slap!

Year: 1990
Label: Agit Prop
Size: 64 MB / 192 kbps / 7z / DL

01. Urlike
02. Tiananmen Square
03. Cartrouble
04. Chase PC's Flee Attack By Own Dog
05. Rubens Has Been Shot!
06. Rappoport's Testament: I Never Gave Up
07. Slap!
08. That's How Grateful We Are
09. Meinhof

CHUMBAWAMBA [1992] I Never Gave Up EP

Year: 1992
Label: Agit Prop
Size: 24 MB / 224 kbps / 7z / DL

01. I Never Gave Up. (Rondo Mix)
02. I Never Gave Up. (Cass Mix)
03. Laughing. (Never Stopped Mix)

CHUMBAWAMBA [1994] Anarchy

Year: 1994
Label: One Little Indian
Size: 57 MB / 192 kbps / 7z / DL

01. Give The Anarchist A Cigarette
02. Timebomb
03. Homophobia
04. On Being Pushed
05. Heaven/Hell
06. Love Me
07. Georgina
08. Doh!
09. Blackpool Rock
10. This Year's Thing
11. Mouthful Of Shit
12. Never Do What You Are Told
13. Bad Dog
14. Enough Is Enough
15. Rage

CHUMBAWAMBA [1994] Showbusiness!

Year: 1995
Label: One Little Indian
Size: 75 MB / 192 kbps / 7z / DL

01. Never Do
02. Never Gave Up
03. Anarchist
04. Heaven/Hell
05. Grateful
06. Homophobia
07. Morality
08. Dog
09. Stitch
10. Mouthful
11. Nazi
12. Timebomb (Jimmy Echo vocal)
13. Slag Aid

CHUMBAWAMBA [1995] Swingin' With Raymond

Year: 1995
Label: One Little Indian
Size: 65 MB / 192 kbps / 7z / DL

01. This Girl
02. Never Let Go
03. Just Look at Me Now
04. Not The Girl I Used To Be
05. The Morning After (The Night Before)
06. Love Can Knock You Over
07. All Mixed Up
08. This Dress Kills
09. Salome (Let’s Twist Again)
10. Oxymoron
11. Waiting, Shouting
12. Hey! You! Outside Now!
13. Ugh! Your Ugly Houses!

CHUMBAWAMBA [1997] Tubthumper

Year: 1997
Label: EMI
Size: 375 MB / FLAC / 7z / DL

01. Tubthumping
02. Amnesia
03. Drip, Drip, Drip
04. The Big Issue
05. The Good Ship Lifestyle
06. One By One
07. Outsider
08. Creepy Crawling
09. Mary, Mary
10. Smalltown
11. I Want More
12. Scapegoat


Year: 2000
Label: EMI
Size: 67 MB / 192 kbps / 7z / DL

01. I’m With Stupid
02. Shake Baby Shake
03. Pass It Along
04. Hey Hey We’re The Junkies
05. The Health & Happiness Show
06. I’m Coming Out
07. I’m In Trouble Again
08. Social Dogma
09. WWW Dot
10. New York Mining Disaster 1941
11. I’m Not Sorry, I Was Having Fun
12. Jesus In Vegas
13. The Standing Still
14. She’s Got All The Friends
15. Ladies For Compassionate Lynching
16. Celebration, Florida
17. Moses With A Gun
18. The Physical Impossibility Of Death In The Mind Of Jerry Springer
19. Smart Bomb
20. Knickers
21. Lie Lie Lie Lie
22. Dumbing Down


Alians are from Poland. I first heard them when MarkoS from "In Medias Res" fanzine played me their "Megayoga" tape back in 1993-94. They play a mix of punk/reggae/dub, obvious influences being The Clash and Dead Kennedys. I don't know much abut them, but I like two of their releases I've put up for you here. Unfortunately I didn't scan the covers for "Cala Anarchia…" CD when I've ripped it so the front picture is the one I've found on the net. You can check their site here, it's full of info on them but it's in Polish.

ALIANS [1996] Cala Anarchia Miesci Sie W Uliczniku

Year: 1996
Label: Antena Krzyku Unc. Records
Size: 81 MB / 320 kbps / 7z

01. Intro
02. Glos stad
03. Zawsze i wszedzie
04. Trucizna
05. Nic do stracenia
06. Koleda
07. Nic Wiecej
08. Landlord Global Herb Connection
09. Utajniony
10. Oczywiste sprawy
11. Gangstap
12. Go Fight AP
13. Rudie Get Stoned 4 Die
14. Landlord Speed
15. Zycie


ALIANS [2000] Równe Prawa

Year: 2000
Label: Antena Krzyku Unc. Records
Size: 91 MB / 224 kbps / 7z

01. Equal Rights Part 1
02. Nic Do Stracenia
03. Leave My Business
04. Partida
05. Zupelnie Prosty CzŁoviek
06. Anemico
07. Sprawa
08. Decreto
09. I Fought The Law
10. Zywi Ludzie
11. White Man In Hammersmith Palace
12. Perdida
13. Ptasiek
14. Equal Rights
15. PiŁa Noca
16. Guerilla Municipal
17. Miejsce Przeklete
18. War
19. Bebkbar
20. Rights Dub