Thursday, 27 December 2007

The Mob

This is another one of those classical anarcho-punk bands from beginning of the 80's. Their "Let The Tribe Increase" was released in 1982 by All The Madmen Records. You can find info on them on Kill From The Heart and Wikipedia.

MOB, THE [1995] Let The Tribe Increase

Year: 1982 / 1995 reissue
Label: All The Madmen Records / Broken Rekids
Size: 163 MB / 320 kbps / 7z

01. Another Day, Another Death
02. Cry Of A Morning
03. Dance On (You Fool)
04. Prison
05. Slaved
06. Our Life Our World
07. Gates Of Hell
08. I Wish
09. Never Understood
10. Roger
11. Witch Hunt
12. Crying Again
13. Youth
14. Witch Hunt
15. Shuffling Souls
16. No Doves Fly Here
17. I Hear You Laughing
18. Mirror Breaks
19. Stay
20. What's Going On
(1982 All The Madmen Records, 1995 reissued by Broken Rekids)



Rebel84 said...

Thanks a lot for the Mob...
nice blog!

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog, said its seemingly dead now, any chance for a re-up of the mob and zounds releases